8 bathroom storage ideas that are easy and stylish

We all know that most bathrooms may be little in space compared to the other rooms of the house, but it should never be a reason to have all your bathroom essentials all over the place! Bathrooms should be neat and tidy, regardless of the size dimens…

How to style your bathroom in a 5-star way

The bathroom, often the smallest in size among all the important rooms of the house, is actually an area where style and comfort shouldn't be taken for granted. With cleanliness as its main concern, a bathroom's design is also as essential.

10 amazing bathroom tile design ideas

When it comes to the bathroom, choosing the appropriate coating for the wall and/or floor is a crucial decision to be made. We are talking about the smallest room in the house, which means anything perceived within this tiny compartment is multiplied.

18 December, 2017

6 tips to remove lime and dirt from the shower

The bathroom should be one of the most spotless rooms in the entire house. After all, this is where the residents go to keep clean. However, stains like lime and black mold can make creating a hygienic space a challenge.

09 October, 2017

6 brilliant ways to hide the washing machine in a bathroom

In contrast to refrigerator and kitchen designs, which keeps evolving and modernizing, washing machines have not changed in the last 20 years or so. Decorative they are not, they are usually hidden in cellars or basements or laundry room, but, of cou…

17 August, 2017