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Ultramodern split-level home overlooking mountains in East of Manila

It’s not every day that you get to explore a uniquely built home that offers a comfortable and aesthetic living experience too. But this residence, built on land area of 300sqm, is one that will take your breath away.

20 July, 2019

Modern house design by Mandaluyong City architects

This is an exceptional home with interiors that make it look magnificent and spectacular. This is an individual home spread out on multiple levels. The home has been designed with care and creativity by the architects of Structura Architects in Manda…

21 April, 2019

Extravagant And Sophisticated Home By Architects In Mandaluyong City

Homes can be made personal and stylish based on the available space. This means that despite having a smaller area to work with, it is possible to design a space that reflects your tastes and preferences.

29 March, 2019

A contemporary-designed home everyone will love in Cebu city

Constantly changing to reflect the popular styles of present day designs, the contemporary style has been loved by homeowners and aspiring home dwellers for years. Interiors come in neutral elements and bold colors, and they focus on the basics of li…

A stand-out modern home in the heart of Cebu City

Tucked in a premiere village in Cebu City where Mediterranean houses flourished, this sleek and up-to-trend home stood out from the rest with its modern style. ACE Design Studio has done it again with the creation of a chic and stylish home through s…

Portico de Busto - a classic social gathering property

Whether it's a huge family reunion or a daughter's 18th birthday, finding the perfect venue isn't that a big of a worry when potential event seekers are right by the humble corners of Bulacan.

6 photos that make you want to book a trip

Ever get lost in your vacation fantasies and dream of that paradise getaway? Well, we're about to let you drown more in paradise goodness with this ideabook! We all feel like we need a quick vacay far from the urban life every now and then, don't we?…

10 amazing two-story houses for families

Two-story houses are certainly the go-to choice for any large Filipino family. When two-story houses have become a norm in the Filipino setting, how does one actually stand out from the rest? First impressions definitely leave a mark on anyone's mind…

6 popular indigenous materials used in the Filipino home

As the architectural world is evolving, current housing trends in the Philippines opt to also follow the Western culture. While impressive, these forms are not exactly the best for our tropical climate, which establishes the importance of using indig…

Check out these prefab movable houses with 3D floor plans!

The homes of the future will not only be more sustainable and affordable—they will also be much faster to build. Prefabricated houses are paving the way, and now there's more variety than ever to choose from.