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15 Brilliant Ideas to Mix Styles: Spice up the Décor of your Modern Home

The embrace of the Mediterranean style makes it one of the most popular choices for architecture and home décor, even in modern homes. The delicate blend of luxury and comfort brings the feeling of Spanish, Greek, and Italian architecture—a perfect…

06 June, 2021

14 Amazing Ways to Use Glass Doors to Transform Your Space

Glass is such a versatile medium to be used indoors, there is no end to the number of ways in which it can be incorporated in home interiors and architecture. When it comes to glass doors, there is no end in ways in which they can be used both for fu…

10 May, 2021

7 Best Roofing Materials for Philippines Home

The Philippines has a tropical climate characterized by high temperature, humidity, and abundant rainfall. When building up a home, the first thought that crosses our mind is how to keep it cool in a natural way and to protect it from the weather.

14 January, 2021

10 eye-catching houses under 150 square meters!

If you think that amazing houses could only be build in large areas, you are mistaken. Great things do come in small packages. And these 10 houses are proofs. Let's check them out to get ideas on how to create a practical 150 square meter house plan!

27 October, 2020

10 beautiful homes under 300 square meters (with plans)!

House-hunting is very exciting, but it can get daunting and confusing with the many choices available out there and online. We're helping narrow down those choices or perhaps give you some ideas, especially when you're just beginning the hunt.

22 October, 2020

7 houses you can build on a very small budget

We all have our dream homes. But sometimes, our pockets are not deep enough to make that come true. Today, we at homify will try to bring you some inspiration through some low cost house designs from professional architects.

22 October, 2020

8 Modern office facades that impress

Commercial office structures are no longer dull grey buildings and now are designed with glass, stone, tree climbers and other details to deliver facades that are riveting. A facade or frontage of a commercial building is an interface between interna…

07 August, 2020

Proposed design of a 5 Storey School Building in Manila by Structura Architects

The project proposed before Mandaluyong City based Structura Architects was to draw up plans to build a functional, strong, attractive and easy to navigate school building in Sampaloc, Manila.

25 April, 2020

Louvre Door Examples and Reasons to Include Them in Our Home

Louvre doors are a great idea to make the way for a breezy ambience that fills even the peaceful corners of a home. One of the most beneficial advantages of having these doors is that they allow proper circulation of warm and cool air to travel betwe…

09 February, 2020

Modern 3-Storey Residence with Roof Deck

Since 2006, there is a team of creative architects that always stays ahead on the lane of creativity and innovative living. Yes, we're talking about none other than Structura Architects! This wonderful team always works towards their clients' satisfa…

09 December, 2019