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21 Cute Décor Ideas to Decorate your home

Home is where the heart is… it is also where we have the creative freedom to decorate as per our heart’s desire. From an accent wall to glittering lamps, art and souvenirs to throw pillows, there are simply no restrictions! And the strangest of thing…

22 April, 2021

12 Modern Nursery Design Ideas to Impress and Inspire You

Simplicity in design and functionality of style makes modern nursery a practical choice for modern parents. It won't be wrong to say that when designing the nursery or children's room, the parents' simple dream is a snugly safe and happy room for the…

17 April, 2021

11 Stylish French Doors to inspire you

French doors are a piece of art that adds sophistication to the home décor with its powerful presence. Think about French doors, and the image that passes through the mind is that of a classy home with colossal glass doors, devoid of bars and open to…

11 April, 2021

10 Beautiful Canopy Bed Design to Adorn your Bedroom

Think about a canopy bed, and all that crosses the mind is a leaf from a sophisticated bedroom decor with a touch of luxury and a generous dose of grandeur. The canopy bed's magic is so that it can transform an ordinary room into an extravagantly rom…

02 April, 2021

Muted colors – 15 ways they can take your interiors to a whole new level

Often, simplicity is the key to achieving elegance, when interior décor is concerned. So, if you wish to keep things contemporary, minimalistic yet chic, muted colors can do the trick.

31 March, 2021

21 Warm and Elegant Ideas with wood for a Warmer Home

Flip through the magazines or scroll down hundreds of home décor websites, and I bet that you will hardly find a picture of modern, minimalist, traditional or industrial style homes that don’t have wood elements in their décor.

22 March, 2021

12 small kitchens that combine good looks and great functionality

In any home, the kitchen is a warm, hearty and super busy place. But with real estate prices on a constant rise, homes are getting smaller than ever. Naturally, you probably have to do with a small kitchen and are worried about how you can make it bo…

17 March, 2021

11 Compact and Tiny Houses you will Fall in Love with

Live life King-size is outdated. In the modern world, budget-friendly, easy-to-maintain tiny homes are designed to meet all the comfort of living in a small space. Its popularity has made it a lifestyle choice.

06 March, 2021

9 Chic and Stylish U-Shaped Dressing Room Designs

Dressing rooms are more than a functional, organized, boxed space with storage closets and cabinets to hold your prized possessions- clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. The designers thrive on making the dressing room a chic and glamorous space to…

21 February, 2021

21 Dining Room Lighting Ideas to Dazzle up the Space

The dining room is the soul of the house, where the family and friends gather over food, fun, and chatter. Since the dining room holds a special place, it makes sense to style it up to make the décor exceptional and welcoming all through the day.

14 February, 2021