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A modern house that's wide and spacious for the big family

Whether you're planning on extending your family home or wishing on building a vacation home away from the metro, this ideabook is the perfect article for you to set your inspiration upon.

7 smart space-saving tips you surely need to consider!

Nowadays, a lot of Filipino homeowners who are living by themselves or are starting to find a new home are thinking of practical ways to optimize space in their residence. While lots of areas are getting pricier, homeowners need to think of smart tri…

Best building materials for any Filipino home

Is your building a new home for your family? Or are you simply renovating your current home? Whatever reason you have for wanting to build a brand new foundation for your property, always do your research on the best building materials that is suitab…

10 creative ways to decorate your plain, white walls

Let's go back to the basics and stick with an all-time crowd favorite, clean and white walls. While an all-white wall may have a thin, fine line between looking classic and traditional or plain or boring, decorative pieces, accent colors, and even st…

How to style your bathroom in a 5-star way

The bathroom, often the smallest in size among all the important rooms of the house, is actually an area where style and comfort shouldn't be taken for granted. With cleanliness as its main concern, a bathroom's design is also as essential.

8 furnishing ideas to widen interior spaces

A house's interiors can look all cramped up when not taken into full consideration of the style and space. It's aesthetics that was sacrificed when space is limited or when furniture and decor are too overwhelming.

5 stylish houses with beautiful facades

For now, homeowners that had just bought their first houses may think what they got is what all they need. But sooner or later, they'll definitely think twice or even thrice about upgrading their homes.

A mobile home that is earthquake and typhoon proof!

Mobile homes are very popular housing options in the Western countries because of its mobility and surprisingly sturdy structure. While the Philippines is known to be in the climatic zone where it's prone to typhoons, flash floods, and possibly hurri…

Two-story houses best for your growing family

Whether you're dealing with a small lot on a tight budget for land expansion or having a big family living with you, two-story houses always come to the rescue. When you live with an extended family near a popular metro area, land can be expensive, w…

8 elevated houses suited in the Philippines

The country's topography is naturally designed to be in the flood zone, which is why it is very beneficial to design and build a house leveled inches above the ground. Most coastal areas are prone to this disadvantage, and if you're living in these a…