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Magazine: articles, tips & information

2 small and cheap houses (with house layouts included!)

Comfort, security, and happiness can come in a small size. So it goes for these two compact-sized homes we're featuring in this ideabook. And when it comes to being small, you cannot generalize that it'll fall totally short on a lot of things you'd t…

26 May, 2017

11 gazebos your can build in your small garden

The gazebo is derived from the word gaze and ends with -ebo (a future tense in latin). This freestanding structure is a wonderful place for rest, it is also built to provide shade from the sun or shelter from the rain or more often, as ornamentatio…

25 May, 2017

5 beautiful home designs (with FREE DESIGNS YOU CAN DOWNLOAD UNTIL JUNE 30)

Building a home is a collaboration among the homeowner, designers, and contractors. With that, Datacraft BKK Company Limited launch a free home builder through Homify. If you are interested on these five houses, visit www.databkk.

25 May, 2017

A look inside an effortlessly cool surf shack in Siargao

Escaping the tumult of city life has been a dream for most of us, but Manila-born writer Camille Banzon made it her reality. As an avid surfer, Camille would often spend her weekends hopping on a bus or flight to a nearby beach town.

23 May, 2017

A small and simple house to warm your heart

This single storey-house may look simple but it is a home that puts the spotlight on the bare essentials. No frills minimalist living has made a lot of people concentrate on matters that are most important to them.

23 May, 2017

6 ways to stay safe during flooding

The hot summer air still lingers in spite of the sporadic rain showers. With this humid atmosphere, the cold, rainy days seem so far away. Flooding, in this case, is also a bit unimaginable. But we can never be sure these days.

22 May, 2017

Learn how to make extra money with your house from this family

Kumikitang kabuhayan is the name of the game y'all! If you want to generate income within the comforts of your own home, this Ideabook is for you! Here, we will present different ides that will surely get your creative (and money-making) juices flo…

Brick takes centerstage in this beautiful house

Fancy living the British country lifestyle? This house may be for you! This house is a modern take on the traditional British-style country home. Aside from the amazing aesthetics, this home is ideal for those who want to have a homey home-- one th…

Beautiful homes with the most amazing use of green

Green is the most relaxing color for the eyes. Think of the way visible light breaks into a spectrum of colors like that of a rainbow. Have you ever noticed that green is the color at the very center of R-O-Y-G-B-I-V? It's the middle ground from red…

20 May, 2017

A beautiful single-storey home ticks all the boxes

When we think of a beautiful home, there's a notion that it has be expensive or the construction has to be complicated. Today, Homify will prove that wrong. A house that is comfortable, beautiful, and efficient, this single-storey home will be your n…

19 May, 2017