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8 Original Ideas For Your Kitchen!

Leigh Leigh
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Today we are going to show you eight unique ideas that will inspire you when it comes to kitchens!

We have chosen eight pictures of kitchens, which are each very easy to imitate. They are simple, yet incredibly unique. 

The kitchen can also work in conjunction with the rest of the home, yet stand out uniquely because of how unique the activities in this space are. You can make this environment truly original!

A kitchen shouldn't just be a plain and simple space, it should be an inspiring room where you want to whip up extraordinary cuisine. Some of these tips below will show you just how to achieve this. 

Another important element when it comes to kitchens is how it should reflect your tastes and your personality. You can add some whimsical touches that will make you smile every time you enter this space! 

We also can't forget the practical purpose of this environment, so its originality should never be at odds with its functionality. The charming decor and design elements should work in harmony with the functional necessities. 

Without going into too much more detail, let's have a look at the photographs and see what needs to be incorporated into the kitchen to create the ideal kitchen space!

1. Vinyl Walls

An incredibly easy way to distinguish our kitchen from the rest is to incorporate vinyl wall art. You can use vinyl to create fun combinations and when you are bored of them, you simply need to swap them with new ones. 

How beautifully does the vinyl wall art work in this kitchen? Not only does it make it look that much bigger but it also adds character and charm.

2. A theatrical kitchen

This kitchen is a classic example of what can be done to complement a dramatic and stylish space. 

In this case, the design is dramatised by the architecture of the space itself with the high ceilings and the large glass windows in the arch design. This makes the kitchen incredibly unique. 

With such a dramatic backdrop, the designers here have gone for a minimalist kitchen design with clean lines and white cupboards and counters. 

The animal sculptures are optional.

3. Creative wallpaper

This design professional, Lucia Casanova, shows us how simple and economical a kitchen design can be by utilising wallpaper. The detail can change the environment overnight. 

The best wallpaper to go for are bright, patterned options. This gives us a huge range of possibilities! We recommend incorporating the wallpaper on a wall that is away from the sink or the stove so that it doesn't get dirty or wet. 

4. Whimsical touches here and there

The kitchen is a true reflection of its owner. If you are a woman, then you can choose a very feminine or delicate design, like in this image. 

The vintage pink refrigerator will steal the show! It is complemented perfectly by the checkered black and white floor as well as the beautiful plants. Each element works flawlessly with the next!

5. Incorporating unique pieces

Shoreditch EC1: Warehouse Living Increation Industrial style kitchen

Shoreditch EC1: Warehouse Living


There are pieces of furniture or decor items that are unforgettable and unique, which can be incorporated into a kitchen.

In this example, we can see that this vintage Parisian cabinet brings a lot of personality to an otherwise minimalist space. The lamps that hang over it enhance it, proving just how valuable kitchen lighting can be.

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6. Chalk walls

Chalk walls are kind of like a blank canvas (or a black canvas in this case) for our kitchen. 

This concept is specifically attractive to homeowners who have artistic skills. This allows them to renew their drawings or quotes whenever they want!

We must not forget, however, that dark walls steal the light so this concept should only be incorporated in a kitchen that has an abundance of natural light.

7. Loft decor and a swing

This kitchen is very charming, thanks to the loft decor, which makes it very special and unique.

Different but similar chairs are used throughout this space and the trendy lights used are very attractive. 

The star of the show, however, is the swing to the right. This is a very well-managed space!

8. Ceramics and lots of colour

A kitchen can end up being quite out of the ordinary and attractive thanks to the application of ceramics and cheerful colours. Ceramics are an excellent material for the kitchen that can be cleaned quickly and easily but also makes for a fantastic decorative element at the same time.

The rest of this kitchen is very simple, highlighting the beauty of the ceramics.

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