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​6 Easy Steps To A Bedroom Makeover

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We could all do with a change every now and again; a fresh new look to make ourselves feel more elegant and charming – this is why we indulge in the occasional shopping spree or retail therapy.

But today we don’t want to talk about your credit card debt – rather quick and inexpensive ways in which you can change your bedroom without breaking the bank or your back. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to add some charm to your sleeping space.

First things first…

1. Put all those clothes away

Yes, our first step does not involve entering a store and picking out new bedding – far from it. Cleaning out and re-organising your closet and room is a major step on the road to a fresh new bedroom. Sometimes all it takes is a little de-cluttering to transform an old room into a beautiful space. 

Clothing with holes or that are torn, stuff you haven’t worn in the past year, accessories that are no longer in style and are taking up space – all these belong in the donation bag! 

And any clothing that are strewn around the room need to go in the closet or laundry hamper!

Move all the good stuff that you are keeping back into the closet – can you see the amount of space you’ve saved up already?

2. Get artistic

Grab a notebook and start sketching – this isn’t art class, so it doesn’t need to be too artistic. The point is to draw a top view of your bedroom and shuffle furniture around to dry out different looks. 

For example, move the bed against the other wall, try putting the dresser next to the window, ask yourself how would the wing-back chair from the study fit into that corner, try switching the guest bedroom’s table lamps with your own, etc.

Sketch out a few looks for your room and choose your favourite, but be practical about that transformation.

3. Rearrange your bedroom

Take your drawing as a guideline and shuffle those furniture pieces into their new spots. Keep cleaning equipment on hand as you may discover some dust and dirt here and there after moving some of the bigger pieces. 

How does your bedroom’s new layout grab you? 

homify hint: Don’t attempt to play electrician in your quest for a new bedroom look – ask a professional if any wires or electrical outlets need changing.

4. Check out those windows

With your bedroom’s new layout in front of you, focus on the windows: do they look dull and drab? Can they do with some new colour or pattern? If moving the furniture around and cleaning out the room didn’t do anything for the window treatment, chances are they are in need of some upgrading. 

Even small changes, such as new tie-backs, can transform a window/curtain’s look considerably.

5. Boosting up the bed

As the bed is the central piece of your bedroom, even the tiniest of changes to it can look huge. Take this opportunity flip the mattress and change the sheets. Are you able to treat yourself to a new duvet? How about just adding a new scatter cushion or two? Perhaps a throw? 

Dyeing a duvet- or pillow cover is a most cost-effective way of changing up colours, but just be certain that those fabrics can take a colour change. 

Don’t neglect the headboard effect – can you add a new one, or pull off a new look with the old one?

6. Finishing touches

Compare your finished room with that sketch you made – how do they compare? Can your room do with some additional touches, such as flowers, a small potted plant, or perhaps a new framed photo of friends/family/pets? 

How about adding a scented candle to immediately associate your new bedroom with a beautiful scent? 

Seeking some more inspiration for sweet dreams? Then check out how to: Turn Your Bedroom into a Calm Oasis.

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