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Creating a feminine bedroom

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The concept of femininity is a pretty broad one when applied to real, living people, and takes in as many styles and forms as there are women in the world. When it comes to interiors, though, a 'feminine' style tends to mean a couple of things: lightness, softness, a colour palette of gentle tones, and the occasional touch of glamour. Florals often feature, and love heart motifs aren't uncommon, though they're by no means a necessary element! When it comes to pinks and reds, the full gamut of tones features; but other colours should generally be in pastel shades. Any room can be 'feminine' or have 'feminine touches', but if you want to really go for a feminine style you should embrace every cliché about femininity going: pink, soft, floaty, romantic. Think a country style with added soft furnishings. 

Layer textiles

Textiles are a key element of a feminine style bedroom—the more, the better! Blankets and throws, whether layered on the bed or artfully draped on an armchair will give the room a texture that's distinctly feminine in style. 

Cushions and pillows

Pure linen cushions KOKO KLIM BedroomTextiles

Pure linen cushions


The other key element is cushions and pillows—again, the more the merrier. Pile em high on the bed, on chairs, construct a DIY window seat if you ledge is wide enough… Just make sure there are plenty of cushions! Cool, natural fabrics like these linen cushions from Koko Klim would work well in a bedroom done in a feminine style; they could be interspersed with more glamorous fabrics like satin or velvet to give the space some zing.

Clean and soft

With all of those soft furnishings, you may be beginning to worry that a feminine style means clutter—but this example shows that it doesn't have to be at all. While the room is wonderfully soft, it's also neat and restrained. The central light is the stand-out feature that draws the eye, while everything else is elegant and unobtrusive. The heavy, dusky pink drapes give the room structure, while the semi-transparent drapes behind soften the whole room. If you have room, a chaise longue is wonderfully feminine; if you don't, try and squeeze in an armchair to add even more softness. 

Baroque beauty

For a feminine style a vanity table isn't a must, but it's definitely a bonus. A classic, baroque style vanity with curved legs will immediately imbue a room with the kind of ancien régime feminine qualities that are this style's hallmark. A soft, cuddly rug will up the soft furnishing quotient, so add one if you can. Don't forget flowers—fresh flowers somewhere in the room will give that vital feminine finishing touch. 

Soften even the roughest spaces

Pink silk bed linen Gingerlily BedroomTextiles Silk Pink

Pink silk bed linen


Even that most brutalist of styles—industrial—can be transformed into a feminine one. Textiles and cushions have been put to great use here, the satin fabric contrasting vividly with the rough stone walls. If you live in an industrial style space, you'll need to really work to make the bedroom feminine—so don't be afraid to go for lots of pinks, pastels and florals, and to add as much softness as you can with soft furnishings like rugs and drapes. For furniture, think curves—as seen here in the soft curve of the stool's base. 

Alternatives to florals

Menora Residence Moda Interiors Modern style bedroom
Moda Interiors

Menora Residence

Moda Interiors

If florals aren't your thing, but you're going for a feminine style, nature can provide other options—how about butterflies or birds? Again, we see curves—in the lampstand—and a cosy throw to snuggle into. Touches of green or blue in jewel shades will fit into a feminine bedroom, but should be used relatively sparingly. 

Natural materials and lighting

Natural materials—like wicker, linen and wood—add natural softness to a bedroom. And the final key thing: make sure your lighting is gentle—plenty of lamps with low wattage bulbs. If your colour scheme is made up of whites and pastels, there'll be plenty of reflected light, so it's best to keep bulb brightness low. Scattered throughout the room, lamps should create soft pools of light that are pretty, feminine, and oh so romantic. 

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