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The Blissful Cabin Hidden in the Forest

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Modern home by モリモトアトリエ / morimoto atelier Modern
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Specialist home designers from Morimoto Artelier have taken elements from Japanese architecture to create a cabin that succeeds in bringing the sense of nature inside. The wooden cabin is surrounded by a forest of pine trees and farmland and is isolated completely from civilisation, which makes it the perfect hideaway for its occupants. 

The retired couple owners had a burning desire for a place where they can enjoy nature and spend time practising their hobbies without disturbance. Rooms inside the cabin are designed in a traditional Japanese style, where natural materials frame rooms in an uncomplicated style and emphasis lies solely on quality and space. 

Let's discover the project…

Surrounded by trees

The owners had searched for a long time for an ideal location to build their cabin since their idea of the perfect location wasn't easy to find. However, not long ago they found what they had long been wishing for. 

A plot situated at an elevated height, at the edge of a pine forest, brought with it the possibility of both nature close by and views over the surrounding region. The idea of a cabin design had always been a consideration for the style of the home but it wasn't until the location had been chosen that the idea was to become reality. 

An honest structure

Cabins have always been made from timber but few are finished in such a fashion as this. The dark stain applied to the timber brings a moody and mysterious aura to the building and is a surprise for the unsuspecting. 

There certainly is an honesty to the way the building has been composed. You can tell the owners have an appreciation for the trades with the structure being built by the hands of skilled tradesmen. Even the cute mailbox has a certain homemade feel to it. 

Morimoto Artelier revealed that the cabin design takes certain influences from chalet homes seen in the Swiss Alps. This is evident in the pitched roof, which can be see in the first image. 

Dark and light

We love the drama. On one side we have the dark and moody side passageway while the opposite shows the brightness of a sunny day. 

Sliding doors are framed by sanded back timber to indicate entrance points and also to provide a subtle contrast from the dominance of the black. 

The garden displays a typically minimalist Japanese approach with sparse planting and foliage.

Authentic Japanese interiors

The interiors may be simple but the design is rooted in its appreciation for form and material. Built from timber and covered by tatami mats underfoot, this room is designed for the appreciation of one's hobbies and self. 

The benefits of nature can be enjoyed from this room, with the setting having close links with the outside world thanks to the use of timber and the prominence of glass. 

Light and shadows

The core structure of the cabin is indeed simple. Notice how, thanks to the glass windows and doors, the polished wooden floorboards become a showcase for tree shadows and sky reflections.

At the rear of the image we see a basic but well formed kitchen. The minimalist cabinets are a study of black and stainless steel, which act as a contrast to the warmer tones of the overall timber and white scheme. 

Keeping everyone warm

The ultimate tonic for a cosy retreat is always a fireplace. Embracing the warm flames with a good novel and a warm drink is the best way to reap the benefits of a classic woodburner. 

The peaceful location and honesty of the cabin design have made this project a fantastic one to discover. Morimoto Artelier have treated us to a special journey to Japan and is one we will not quickly forget. 

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