15 Brilliant Ideas to Mix Styles: Spice up the Décor of your Modern Home

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The embrace of the Mediterranean style makes it one of the most popular choices for architecture and home décor, even in modern homes. The delicate blend of luxury and comfort brings the feeling of Spanish, Greek, and Italian architecture—a perfect match for the warm weather. The aesthetically pleasing style is deeply inspired by European sophistication with a restrained touch of rustic décor and earthy tones. However, you don't need a full makeover to bring a Mediterranean touch to your home. You can actually make it more interesting by adding other styles and references to the mix. Check out this amazing selection of ideas by professional designers that created a quite modern approach to build up a homey stylish décor. Have a look!

1. Mediterranean flavour in the exterior

Two-story symmetrical façade, red clay tiled slanting roof, and stucco exterior walls to regulate in inner temperature of the Filipino home in the hot and humid climate reverberate the Mediterranean style in its color. The arched window and wrought iron railing in the balcony are further inspired by the Mediterranean architectural style.

2. Enameled and hand-decorated tiles

Dazzling hand-decorated mosaic tiles on the kitchen backsplash brings a dash of a Mediterranean touch to the modern kitchen. 

3. Relaxed holiday vibe

Mediterranean style décor puts lots of emphasis on connecting inside with the outside. Inspired by this design philosophy, this modern living room brings the outdoor indoor through long horizontal windows running around the walls. The natural elegance of rattan furniture and blue textured wall create a relaxed holiday vibe in the décor.

4. Arched elegance

The arches and beams effortlessly remind us of the luxury and elegance of the Mediterranean-style facade while the palatial feeling makes us think of something more classic. The slanting roofs in grey and the earthy tone blend in the contemporary style. Slanting roofs and the greenery further bring the Mediterranean vibe into the architecture. Would you ever guess that such a mix could be so harmonic? All you need is the right professional with the right references and you can get one of these yourself!

5. Lively and bubbling with vibrant vibe

Low seating sofas with colourful cushions, traditional rug, wall decors decorating the niche, golden lamps, and the symmetrical skylights flushing the living room with sunlight fills the living room with lively energy. The eclectic mix of traditional style with a hint of the Mediterranean décor in the modern living room is awe-inspiring.

6. Regal touch in a contemporary décor

You can bring the royalty of the Mediterranean style in your contemporary décor through a piece of furniture. A beautifully crafted poster daybed looks elegant in the décor. 

7. Classy in wood and white

White, a predominant colour of the Mediterranean style, combined with the warmth of wood, creates the stunning interior of a modern home. The classy decor takes the colour from the Mediterranean and blends it with the warmth of classic wood to build up modern decor.

8. Symmetry of Mediterranean style

When it comes to following the principle of Mediterranean style, an understated look, large colossal glass windows connecting the indoor with the outdoor, and symmetry in décor is to be followed, like you can see here in this inspiring modern living room.

9. Minimalist in stylishness

The dominance of wood, traditional of the Mediterranean home, has inspired the creation of this elegant outdoor dining room. Wooden ceiling, white walls, wooden dining table and chairs with white seat covers, white floor, and an antique-design fan fixed to the ceiling: the Mediterranean simplicity with a traditional touch.

10. Fabric and natural style

Simple wooden pair of chairs, rustic tabletop, wrought iron settee with elaborate back, an iron stand on the side, a coloured stool and the natural cotton fabric on the daybed and cushions to relax in lazy afternoons reminds of the Mediterranean home. The simplicity of the decor is all modern amidst the subtle Mediterranean tone.

11. Pristine in white

Due to the hot climate, white is a preferred colour in Mediterranean style décor. A bedroom dominated by the white, natural wood lamp and a metal chair makes it a perfect bedroom for relaxation and brings something of contemporary décor.

12. Mediterranean meets modern

An open-plan kitchen, natural stone floor, wooden kitchen cabinets, an island in the middle, hanging lamps, and picture metal and glass windows on every wall soaking the kitchen in warm sunlight bring a Mediterranean vibe to the contemporary kitchen décor.

13. Synchronizing it in blue and white

Undoubtedly we can say that the cooling combination of blue and white transports us to the Greek island, admiring the beautiful colour combination. Inspired by the Mediterranean colour combination, it’s an elegant living room quite contemporary in style but totally inspired by the colours of the Mediterranean.

14. Mystical Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles even on a small portion of the wall, speak loudly about adding a lively detail in a traditional kitchen. Adorning the kitchen or bathroom walls with it or even use it on the floor, even a small addition of the mosaic tiles is even to bring other vibes into your modern home décor.

15. Blending elegantly

Ornate arches, pergola in the middle, raw texture on the ceiling, wood and concrete floor, shiny mosaic tiles of the kitchen, the shine is sun on the blue wall, white fabric and furniture, and an industrial-style chandelier; it’s all about matching references to build up style!

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