If You Love Classic-Style Furniture, You Can't Miss These 12 Ideas

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What comes to your mind when you think of classic-style furniture? You cannot possibly point to one specific style. This entire style encompasses a wide range from timeless and elegant pieces of furniture, of course, but along with that it is supported by classic furnishings, elegant accents, statement lighting, beautiful wallpapers and decor, and complimenting colour scheme. Mostly, classic style furniture creates an ambiance of opulence and luxury. But this does not mean the spaces turn out to be overdone or over-the-top. Many young designers and architects are working with the classic style and giving it a fresh and modern twist. So the possibilities of experimenting with this style for your home are endless and the result, timeless and elegant. So if you happen to be working with this style it is good to remind yourself that a classic is always new!

Here are 12 inspirational ideas for your home that feature classic-style furniture. 

1. How about a classic bathroom?

Neutral palette, charming pieces of furniture, and elegant accents put together tastefully make this bathroom classic, comforting and timeless.

2. Whites and wood

Very difficult to think of classic-style furniture for a baby's room, isn't it? Well, not anymore! Look at this baby room done in white and muted shades along with a classic chest of drawers to store all baby stuff. The baby cot in classic wood is something that will last generations.

3. A living room you will never get bored of

There is a lot going on in this opulent living room but what ties it together is the classic style. It is said to be the house

where Nietzche lived while in Venice, and to be honest it looks just as modern with an interesting mix of sofas and chairs. The double stories windows, the decor accents, and the furnishing all compliment each other highlighting the royal vibe of the space.

4. Living room details

Pictured are some of the basic pieces you can put together in your living room to give it a classic feel. A big, comfortable, grand sofa, a work of art and a classic wooden centre table are the key features drawing attention, and other decor items and light accents are placed around them that compliment and accentuate the basic elements.

5. Dining Room Classic

You cannot go wrong with classic marble and white. This kitchen and dining space is an example. Classic pieces with artwork, lighting accents, and fixtures accentuating them.

6. Choose timeless furniture

The key to a classic style is investing in some quality elegant pieces of furniture like this sofa or the antique armchair. These pieces will form the backbone of your room decor, and you can work with the rest of the things in your room around them.

7. Bedroom opulence

Amber and gold and a lot of opulence, is what this bedroom is made of. Note that the furniture—the bed and the seating are classic but simple, and in neutral shades, while the wallpaper is done in bold and royal colours that add to the opulence of this classic bedroom.

8. Pay attention to individual pieces

Invest in luxury, classic, and quality furniture. It will last for a long time and give you comfort, function and luxury.

9. Classic style in a small house

Who said classic style is only for the big bungalows and houses? Here is a small classic interior townhouse. And, it ticks all the right when it comes to classic-style furniture ad decor. It's classic, warm, and elegant.

10. Moody and classic

You can experiment with darker tones for your furniture like in this living room. The black leather sofas spell comfort and luxury at the smake time. The carpet in the middle makes the room softer and more inviting. So does the rounded centre table and the big vase with pink flowers in it.

11. Classic vintage yet modern

Classic-style but vintage, we love this combination. The vibe is classic but fresh, vintage yet modern. We love the blue dining table and white chairs.

12. Ornate living space

This great airy living space has many ornate built-in features like the heritage ceiling cornices and wall panelling. But the chocolate brown velvet sofas and the centre table in metal and glass take the cake. The traditional chandelier and choice of curtains and carpet compliment the ornate look of the space.

If you loved the ideas here, you can check out these classic canopy-bed design ideas to adorn your bedrooms!

Which of these classic furniture pieces are your favorites? Let us know in comments. We'd love to know!

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