14 Amazing Ways to Use Glass Doors to Transform Your Space

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Glass is such a versatile medium to be used indoors, there is no end to the number of ways in which it can be incorporated in home interiors and architecture. When it comes to glass doors, there is no end in ways in which they can be used both for functionality and aesthetics. Glass doors are used to bring the outdoors in, and the indoors out, let the light in, create a partition or a sense of privacy without blocking the view, to open up space or very subtly block it off. In fact, glass doors are an inherent part of contemporary architecture and are being used by designers all over the globe. In contemporary houses, glass doors are all the more in rage as who would not like to have light flushing indoors, view of the sea or the mountains, or the city skyline viewable right from the comfort of your sofa. 

If you are a glass door lover just as we are, here is a list of 14 amazing glass door ideas for you to get inspired by and try at home.

1. Translucent glass door

This translucent glass door and its extension above have opened up this kitchen while providing privacy indoors.

2. Glass partition with brass critall doors

This beautiful glass partition with brass cristall doors has opened up the living room, looks great aesthetically, and is fireproof as well. It just elevates the room by several nautches.

3. Sliding glass doors

Thinking of some sliding glass door ideas, look no further than this sliding glass door with minimalist stainless steel that maximizes the stunning views from the penthouse. You can just sit in there and enjoy the view of the Thames!

4. Glass door as as the central architectural element

Well, what can we say other than the fact that this house is named the Glass Boat House. Glass doors on both floors line all the sides of this house overlooking the waterbody. While mostly they are transparent, some are also translucent to maintain privacy in the chosen rooms.

5. Revolving glass door goals

This revolving glass looks upbeat and classy and most importantly is functional too. You can open up the space and remove the partition by revolving the door or create one. This one has also won an award!

6. Clean lines and calming views

As you can see there are two glass doors, one leading to the other, and both bringing in magnificent outdoor views and light. The highlight is the clean lines of the glass doors and the clutter-free and calming ambiance it creates.

7. Glass doors for your wardrobe

Though this has been done for a store, you can also have a sliding glass door feature at home for your own wardrobe. It acts both as an organizer and a showcase, and we love that. You can slide the doors and just walk into your wardrobe.

8. Glass partitioning system

This glass partitioning system has a unique, raw factory aesthetic perfect for environments with a cool and contemporary feel. The bespoke steel-framed system compliments the house style perfectly.

9. Glass doors for stunning views

This glass door fits perfectly in this glazed gable view over the North Sea from the master bedroom.

10. Glass as an architectural feature

This house has been designed with glass as the main material. Aluminium door frames, frames and skylights all accentuate the design which is meant to bring the outdoors in, and the indoors out.

11. Sliding doors to open up space

A smart way to incorporate the outdoors in is to replace a wall with a sliding glass door. Here, this is seen in a living room.

12. Glass doors leading to the backyard

Another example of connecting the inside with the outdoor is this modern glass partitioning system instead of concrete walls. You are part of the outdoors while seated inside, and can just walk out to it if you want.

13. Pivot or hinged glass doors

These pivot or hinged doors sit flush against the wall internally where a hidden door can be created if the door has been treated with the same finish as the wall.

14. Connecting the insides and out

These full-height sliding doors allow the living spaces to open to the garden, connecting inside and out. What a wonderful way to feel amidst nature all the while sitting at your dining table.

If you loved these glass door ideas and would like to look up some more door inspiration, we recommend reading this piece about stylish French doors!

Which of these glass door ideas or designs were your favourite? Let us know in comments!

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