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The Seductive Home Hiding in the Forest

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Strong, refined and confident. That's how we could be describe this home by Ukraine based architect, Alexander Zhydkov. Their design, which draws inspiration from minimalist architecture and interior design, doesn't shy away from taking centre stage. 

A statement is made for the moment you first lay eyes on the home. Sharp lines and fine-crafted modern materials adorn the façade, which takes shape as a geometric wonder. The confident dialogue continues inside, with each well considered space sharing a certain stripped-back charisma that will make minimalist purists weak at the knees. 

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Great first impressions

Standing amongst the ancient trees and dense shrubs is this stunning home built in the heart of the forest. The minimalist architecture we alluded to earlier makes an immediate impression and confirms the reputation of Alexander Zhydkov.

This image showcases the intimate relationship the building has with the forest. Timber wraps the lower level and softens the larger monolithic forms just behind. Massive sheets of glass provide the volume of the home with transparency while metal sheets of gleaming white punctuate the geometric shapes. 

Lush landscaping and exotic timber bridge the transitional spaces and blur the lines between the interiors and the outside decking and forest beyond.

Seamless arrangement

This is a building comprised of a series of flexible spaces that connect to each other with a natural fluidity. The layout places an emphasis on spatial interest and an abundance of natural light. Incoming sunlight from the full length windows rebounds off the glossy surfaces, providing visual uplift and drama to the kitchen.

Seamless is the name of the game for the kitchen arrangement. All amenities and appliances, including the kitchen stove top, are hidden behind the featureless surfaces and are only revealed as required. This means that everything can be hidden out of sight once cooking is finished.

Grand living zones

Beyond the kitchen, to the rear of the ground floor, is a double-height living room. The grand scale of the floor plan is compensated for by the creation of close and intimate settings in the living and dining space.

Material choice was paramount in the execution of this décor as we see softer fabrics of monochrome shades chosen for setting. 

The black metal framed dining table and chairs, which are thin and petite, bring a contemporary edge to the room.

True spectacle

Glimpses of the forest are afforded no matter where one is inside the interior, acting as small treats at every turn. The large windows are also extremely effective in extending the feel of the interiors, outwards. 

Each evening the owners observe the last rays of sunlight filter through the forest from the comfort of the lounge. Naturally, it’s at this time that drinks and nibbles come out as the daily event becomes a spectacle. 

Not easily forgotten

Alexander Zhydkov was presented with a project brief that would have tripped up less able design firms. However, we see how the experienced team took it all in their stride and managed to create a truly wonderful home that won't be easily forgotten. 

Their innovative design has even raised eyebrows in the architecture circles with the design winning a handful of awards. All were thoroughly deserved. 

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