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French doors are a piece of art that adds sophistication to the home décor with its powerful presence. Think about French doors, and the image that passes through the mind is that of a classy home with colossal glass doors, devoid of bars and open to welcome fresh energy and light into the home interior, unobstructed. The French doors' sway is so that a fleeting glance of it elevates the home's timeless classiness, through outside and inside. That's the exact reason why interior architects and designers vouch for it and prefer to incorporate it in the house's design. Apart from the aesthetics, the French doors are the eco-friendly option for modern homes for energy conservation, contributing to a greener tomorrow. Let's take a peep through the beautiful French doors we have curated for you.

1. French door in the glass room

The smart combination of French door and glass windows, forming the living room walls, creates an open and exclusive interior decor, enhancing the space's glam quotient.

2. Brighten up an enclosed space with French doors

A simple wooden framed large glass French door will let the natural light fill the enclosed dining room and allow a clear view of the night sky, which would not have been possible if not for the French doors.

3. A replacement for the windows

Allow the freshness of nature and warmth of natural light to flush into your bedroom and create an unobstructed view of the balcony garden from your bedroom through the clear glass of the French doors replacing the windows.

4. Indoor French door

The wood and glass interior French door blends with the wooden staircase's glass guardrails, catching the attention with its elegant stylishness while reaching the doors.

5. Framed in metal

The French doors with metal frame merge the metal's sturdiness with the delicate elegance of glass to build up the living room's modern French doors.

6. A substitute for the partition wall

Replace the living space's concrete wall with the French doors, erected to partition the space. The dominance of wood is carried over to the French doors, enhancing the aesthetics of the décor.

7. Outdoor Indoor French Doors

Wide French doors framed in wide wooden frames in wooden colour in the indoor and the colossal glass outdoor French doors framed in painted wooden frames blends to build up a cohesive style in a classy way.

8. Swinging in Style

The wood and glass multiple swing French doors add glamour and sophisticated style to the luxurious living room.

9. Wide French Doors

Connect the outdoor living space with the indoor through the wide French door and open it wide to bring in nature's freshness in the Philippine tropical weather.

10. Sliding French doors

Elegant plain French doors connecting the inside from outside is classy in look and practical in style with their sliding doors that opens and closes without taking extra space.

11. Double-height French doors

The double-height ceiling and the double-decker French doors, or you could say a French door with a French window on top, complement the decor's style, flooding the room with ample sunlight from below and above.

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