Muted colors – 15 ways they can take your interiors to a whole new level

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Often, simplicity is the key to achieving elegance, when interior décor is concerned. So, if you wish to keep things contemporary, minimalistic yet chic, muted colors can do the trick. These colors essentially let the design and architectural elements shine, without standing out themselves. But there’s no need to think they are boring! Muted or soft and soothing shades of white, cream, beige, pink, blue, gray and even brown can lend a lot of personality to a room, if you know how to play around with textures or layer these colors with stunning furniture or artworks. Muted shades also reflect both natural and artificial light generously, thereby giving the impression of spaciousness and airiness, even in a compact room.

The thing about muted, soft or understated shades is that, they can be used in practically every room of a house. While the walls are the most obvious places for using muted colors, it doesn’t always have to be that way. You can choose your furniture pieces or accessories like cushions, throws and rugs in different muted shades too, for a dreamy look and feel. For instance, a pastel blue sofa with cream cushions will look beautiful against a white or muted gray wall. For your bedroom, you can choose everything in cream and beige and let only an elaborate dark headboard stand out. In the kitchen too, pastel or muted shades of pink and white can be combined for a quaint and vintage appeal. Read on to get more ideas. 

Bedroom with personality

We love how cream and beige shades dominate this modern bedroom, making it a cozy haven. The color palette lets the eclectic artwork and cushions shine.  

Peaceful kitchen

Done up almost entirely in white (except for a muted grey wall with a simple clock), this kitchen is a bright and happy place. Note how the warm wooden flooring catches the eye. 

Relaxed vibe

Muted shades of white, grey and blue make this spacious living room a truly relaxed one. The natural light gets reflected beautifully, while the sharp lines of the TV unit and soft curves of sofas stand out. 

With a bold touch

This contemporary open kitchen wows with its cream palette, cleverly interrupted by gray appliances. And it lets the abstract painting steal the show.

Pastel study nook

White and pastel grey make for a serene study nook that reflects ample natural light. And we love how it acts as the perfect backdrop for the potted plant, the wall décor accents, the lamp and the chair. 

Stylishly layered bedroom

Pastel tones of olive, pink and cream join hands in this comfy bedroom for a simple yet trendy look. While the furniture is no-fuss, the layering of colors is interesting. The designers at Quadraforma Construction have done a brilliant job here.

Bright and airy dining

The lavish use of white makes this dining space cheerful and bright. It is the perfect canvas for the light-hued wooden windows and chairs. 

Bold staircase

Muted shades don’t mean you can’t make a bold impression. The dark wooden staircase steps against a cream environment are a good example of that.

A hint of feminine charm

Observe how a pastel shade of pink pairs with white to make this study room subtly feminine. The color scheme allows the rose gold handles to shine. 

Timelessness with muted cream

Dominated by soft cream shades, this open kitchen showcases the wooden beauty of the false ceiling, stools and door. 

Minimalistic affair

A soothing white and grey environment is the reason why this bedroom looks so serene and inviting. The wall cladding behind the bed lends a bit of visual interest. 

Compact yet smart

Bright lighting and a mostly-white color palette takes this small bathroom to a whole new level. The grey tiles in the shower add a degree of layering.

Muted olive does magic

The perfect medley of muted olive, grey and cream lends tranquility to this bedroom. The mellow lighting and a single leafy artwork help too. 

Homely and cozy

Beige, grey and cream are the muted colors that complement each other in this homely living room. And that is exactly what makes this space apt for displaying the Scrabble-like wall art. 

Texture play

Ruled by white, this bedroom is simple yet full of character. Why? Look at the textured panel behind the headboard, the sleek reading lamps and the bright artwork.

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