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21 Warm and Elegant Ideas with wood for a Warmer Home

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Flip through the magazines or scroll down hundreds of home décor websites, and I bet that you will hardly find a picture of modern, minimalist, traditional or industrial style homes that don’t have wood elements in their décor. And why shouldn’t it be so? After all, wood is the most popular, timeless, and versatile material that seamlessly blends interior design and decoration of any home style. The Filipinos have a fascination for wood. They admire it for the warmth and elegance it brings to the home décor. If you are bitten by the eternal charm of wood and want to add the warm elegance of wood into your interior décor, check out these beautiful ideas curated by our designers, especially for you. Have a look!  

1. Elegance of dark wood

Living Room Furniture DW Interiors Living roomSofas & armchairs Flax/Linen Grey
DW Interiors

Living Room Furniture

DW Interiors

Wooden sofa, dark wood centre table, and wooden cladding on the wall in the same shade build up a warm and elegant ambience in the small living room.

2. Wood on the wall

Masters Bedroom DW Interiors Modern style bedroom Wood White
DW Interiors

Masters Bedroom

DW Interiors

The combination of wood and upholstered cladding, forming the bed's headboard, creates a stylish décor in the bedroom. The wooden wall with a long niche below the TV is an innovative style to build up the entertainment unit/wall.

3. Generous spread of wood

A Modern Filipino Home Hayen Interiors Modern dining room
Hayen Interiors

A Modern Filipino Home

Hayen Interiors

A home filled with the warmth of wood is a happy place to dwell. Easy to maintain, wood is spread across the dining space and kitchen furniture, partition, and the modern chandelier over the wooden dining table hanging from the false wooden ceiling.

4. Benches of the balcony

Work Life Balance Hayen Interiors Balcony
Hayen Interiors

Work Life Balance

Hayen Interiors

Wood, if treated well, can withstand the rain and sun bravely. So add the wooden warmth in your balcony through the wooden benches customised to fit into space.

5. Engineered elegance of wood

The versatile wood, engineered to build up a warm and comfortable modular kitchen, will remain fresh and beautiful for long. The combination of the white and wooden colour of the kitchen cabinets, island, and pantry looks classy.

6. Wooden seat along the window

A wooden window seat with cabinets below it built along the window culminates in the work table. The pull-out board of the study table creates an expandable table when needed.

7. Wood on the floor

The Residences At Greenbelt D3ID Design and Build Living room Wood Brown
D3ID Design and Build

The Residences At Greenbelt

D3ID Design and Build

Harwood polished wooden floor creates an elegant ambience in the home décor and spread its warmth all around the room.

8. Step up the warmth of wood

Wooden steps amidst the concrete floor and metal guardrail add the sophisticated charm in the rustic style. 

9. Framed panels of partition

The window's opening connecting the living room with the corridor gets framed in wood with wooden panels vertically fixed, symbolically dividing the space while adding the warmth of wood in the décor.

10. Rustic warmth of wood outside

The wooden planks in their raw form define the lush green lawn boundary and form the steps that take up to the garden with the country-style wooden carriage as the garden seating and bring the warm rustic charm of wood in the garden.

11. Luxury of wood in the bedroom

Modern Lux - Wil Tower QC MVRX Designs Modern style bedroom
MVRX Designs

Modern Lux—Wil Tower QC

MVRX Designs

Wooden wall cladding, wooden bed, wooden nightstand, wooden window seat, all the bedroom furniture in the mahogany shade combine to build up a warm romantic bedroom.

12. Elegance in simplicity

Even a simple design in wooden furniture creates magic with its presence. A wooden sofa and a coffee table on the balcony is enough to bring cosy comfort to the terrace.

13. Over and under the staircase

under stairs storage Geraldine Oliva Stairs
Geraldine Oliva

under stairs storage

Geraldine Oliva

You can add the warmth of wood on the staircase and under it by the classy combination of wooden colour and white.  Take inspiration for here and build up storage below the stairs and blend the functionality with the warm elegance of wood.

14. Glamour of wood

Pearl of the Orient Geraldine Oliva Tropical style dining room
Geraldine Oliva

Pearl of the Orient

Geraldine Oliva

Along with the warmth, add glamour into the dining room with a polished wooden floor, wooden dining table, wooden chairs with upholstered seat, wooden shelves, wooden steps and a wood-framed painting on the wooden stand; the warmth is glamorous.

15. Wrapped in warm sophistication

Classic Contemporary Geraldine Oliva Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs
Geraldine Oliva

Classic Contemporary

Geraldine Oliva

The hallway's contemporary intimate décor gets elevated with the wooden wall cladding, the wooden console table, and the wooden horse kept on it.

16. Textured and plain

LIVING/DINING/KITCHEN Studio Lona Living room
Studio Lona


Studio Lona

The combination of textured wooden wall cladding in a lighter shade and the plain wooden wall in a darker tone creates a mystic environment without losing its warmth classiness.

17. Frame of wood

The broad frames of windows and doors glorify the charm of the colossal glass doors and windows and also make the décor feel warmer. It gets complemented by the polished hardwood floor, the rattan sofas and the dark wood TV unit along the wall.  

18. Warmth of wood in compact space

Modern Minimalist homify Living room

Modern Minimalist


A wooden sofa, the metal frame and wooden seat futon, the rustic charm of wood and metal trunk-style coffee table, and the floor lamps' wooden stand; the elegance of wood spreads its warmth in the compact living room.

19. Blending with the plaster

The combination of half-wood and half-cement plastered wall blends to bring wood's warmth and charm to the wall.

20. Dressing up the dressing room

Gateway Garden Heights TG Designing Corner Modern dressing room
TG Designing Corner

Gateway Garden Heights

TG Designing Corner

Bring the warmth of wood in the small dressing room through the drawers. It will also add sophisticated style along with its low-maintenance quality in the compact dressing room.

21. Generous sprinkle of warmth

It's never 'too much wood' in the home décor. More the wood, warmer is the interior decoration. Like it is done here with wood on the ceiling, beams running through the roof, frames of the doors, cabinets and shelves on the walls, a massive centre table and the pedestal on which the statue of Buddha is kept; the décor dominated with wood enhances the warm elegance of the space.

Check this out to know about the type of woods to use in the home: 7 types of wood you can use for your house

Which interior design inspired by wood did you like the best? Leave us your comments.
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