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11 Compact and Tiny Houses you will Fall in Love with

Resort Hotel at Cadlao Lagoon, El Nido, Palawan JAAL Builders Villas
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Live life King-size is outdated. In the modern world, budget-friendly, easy-to-maintain tiny homes are designed to meet all the comfort of living in a small space. Its popularity has made it a lifestyle choice. The modern people living in the contemporary world who believe in sustainable living, count their carbon footprints, look for affordable homes or vacation homes, and value quality over quantity prefer to live larger in the tiny houses they love to call their home. It’s also a universal truth that small homes grab our attention even while just passing through them. Today we have lined up for you cute little homes from our architects that are high on style with cuteness overloaded. Have a look!

1. Floating Villas with a view

Villas at daytime JAAL Builders Villas
JAAL Builders

Villas at daytime

JAAL Builders

Amidst nature, floating on the water, this tiny little beautiful home is perfect for getting lost in the wanderlust. The house is constructed with the natural materials available locally to keep its style and design in sync with nature for sustainable living. It's just stunning!

2. Drop-down Gorgeous

GN Farm Residence (Gratchi's Getaway Front Office) KDA Design + Architecture Country house Green
KDA Design + Architecture

GN Farm Residence (Gratchi's Getaway Front Office)

KDA Design + Architecture

The roof design of this house takes the breath away and shifts the attention to its gorgeous architecture. The straight roof on the top drops to become a slating one painted in burning orange that burns brighter under the sunlight. The open space around the house merges the inside with the outside, making the interior more significant. 

3. Cosy comfort of intimate home

Studio Type Bungalow Residential Unit ezpaze design+build Bungalows
ezpaze design+build

Studio Type Bungalow Residential Unit

ezpaze design+build

The tiny homes are cosy, comfortable and feel more intimate with life revolving in a limited space. The studio-style bungalow, built with a slanting roof, is perfectly designed for comfortable living. The classy combination of wood and white elevates the stylishness of the house.

4. Row full of compact houses

7-Unit Townhouse Development Structura Architects Multi-Family house
Structura Architects

7-Unit Townhouse Development

Structura Architects

Several sustainable tiny homes can easily be built in place of one large house. The row of the narrow double-storey dwellings constructed in a combination of double-tone of grey has an open porch, plants on planters on the parapet decorating the front façade, and a terrace garden.

5. Multi-colour quaint cabin

Standing tall and painted in four colours of blue, yellow, white and grey, the house shines bright amidst the natural surroundings dominated in green. The two-floor compact wooden house is guarded by the overlapping slanting roof and adorned by colossal glass windows.

6. Bending in stylishness

A box is enough for a comfortable living. The tiny little house built-in clean and straight lines and angles get a stylish elevation from the slanting roof that bends to give it a sophisticated feel.

7. Vertical elegance

This narrow city home's elegance gets elevated by the modern combination of glass, wood, metal, and concrete that blends effortlessly to create a stunning exterior. The glass connects the outside from the inside, creating an illusion of openness even in a compact space.

8. High above the ground

A garage on the ground floor and living space above it, this compact house built-in stacked one above the other, growing above the ground, gives a feeling of living high up in the space. The smart design has even made it possible to have a garage in the house.

9. Modern minimalism inside out

House for a Retired Teacher AT Antonio Architects Single family home
AT Antonio Architects

House for a Retired Teacher

AT Antonio Architects

In line with the philosophy of minimalism, the small house looks elegant. With clean and precise lines and angles, the sturdy concrete structure, windows creating niches to break the monotony of the cement colour, and the angular shape of the protruding roof, the compact house is built to last forever.  

10. Colour blocks

The exterior colour of the vertical growing small house makes it excitingly attractive. If all you can afford for your first home is a small piece of land, take an idea from here, build it vertically and make it an attractive piece of colour blocks. 

11. Reaching the sky

With a front yard on the road and a back yard reaching up the sky, this little house has an open space all around. Wooden walls, clear glass windows, and a slanting roof of wood blend the beautiful home into its natural surroundings.

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