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9 Chic and Stylish U-Shaped Dressing Room Designs

ACE Hotel & Suites TG Designing Corner Modern dressing room
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Dressing rooms are more than a functional, organized, boxed space with storage closets and cabinets to hold your prized possessions- clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. The designers thrive on making the dressing room a chic and glamorous space to get indulged and pampered apart from its functionality. The dressing rooms are private recluse. It will be a 'cherry on the cake' if the dressing room is designed as a luxurious addition in the bedroom, squeezed in the bathroom or built as an exotic space cut in a corner. Let's peep into the dressing rooms we have curated for you for ideas and inspirations.  

1. A Wall called Mirror

A full-size mirror taking up the whole wall makes the dressing room shine and creates an illusion of spaciousness in an enclosed U-shaped dressing room. A simple dressing table, comfy chair, open shelves and closed cabinets, taking up the opposite wall forms the dressing room furniture. The wallpaper adorns the wall of the room. A ladder shelf on the side within reach is quite an innovative way to bring in the glamourous style.

2. Practicality of Organized Dressing Room

The combination of half drawers and half glass cabinets, wooden wardrobe, open shelves, glass doors shelves, and an island in the middle builds up an organized and functional walk-in wardrobe/ dressing room. The wooden floor and the well-lit room enhance the sophistication of the dressing room décor.

3. Long Walk-in Dressing Room

Master's Toilet &Bath , Walk-in-closet Quadraforma Construction Modern dressing room
Quadraforma Construction

Master's Toilet &Bath , Walk-in-closet

Quadraforma Construction

A wall partitions the dressing room from the master bathroom, creating a private hermit to dress up in privacy. A wall protects the privacy on one side; the other wall is full of the wardrobe, building up ample storage space to keep it clean and clear. 

4. Mirror on the wardrobe door

Gateway Garden Heights TG Designing Corner Modern dressing room
TG Designing Corner

Gateway Garden Heights

TG Designing Corner

Squeeze in a proper dressing room even in a small and challenging corner. Mirror fixed on the wardrobe doors, an assortment of drawers and open shelves with rattan basket keeps the stuff hidden, and makes the room look and feel organized.

5. Designed to be a part of the Bathroom

Take a walk on the shiny pathway with a bathroom on one side and the dressing room on the other. A huge dressing table with a comfortable chair, lots of open shelves, partitioned hanging cabinet with hangers, and a loft above builds up a beautiful dressing room in sync with the stylish bathroom.

6. Warm Charm of Wood

A room full of wooden cabinets creates a practical dressing room with sufficient storage. The spotlights on the ceiling light up the enclosed space, providing ample light in a windowless dressing room.

7. Vintage style dressing room

Custom Made Vanity with Spanish Decoration Lamps Tokyo Grand Renovation Classic style dressing room
Tokyo Grand Renovation

Custom Made Vanity with Spanish Decoration Lamps

Tokyo Grand Renovation

Consciously design the dressing room to give it a vintage vibe, making it feel regal. Custom-made dressing table with three-side mirror, the vintage knobs of the drawers, yellow light of the Spanish lamps, and the entire space drenched in ivory shade builds a beautiful dressing room. 

8. Shimmer of Glass Dressing Table

Master Bedroom SPACE PROJECT Modern style bedroom

Master Bedroom


You cannot have a dressing room without a dressing table. Why not think of decorating the dressing room with its dressing table and elevating the space's style quotient? A Full-length dressing table with glass drawers and metal stand shine bright, making it a beautiful dressing room.

9. Luxurious addition in the bedroom

This U-shaped expansive dressing room is connected to the master bedroom and is full of comfort and style. The three-side cabinets and one side glass doors come to build up a luxurious dressing room.

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Which dressing room is your favourite? We are waiting to hear from you.
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