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13 Clever Ideas for Using the Spare Room of your House

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It may sound weird for a few, but the reality hits hard when you find an empty room of your house staring at you, demanding attention. The place that seemed so full of children's at home, parents living with you, or you move from a smaller to a bigger house suddenly feels too big to fill when it changes. Whatever the reason, but now you have to hunt for ideas to use the spare room and convert it into something new and exciting for you and the family and friends visiting the house. We have curated a few suggestions from our professional designers for you to consider. Let's indulge in the luxury of extra room and create a retreat of it!

1. The home Office

One lesson to learn from the Pandemic situation is to build up a comfortable home office to work peacefully and comfortably. Use the spare room of your house and convert it into a professional standard home office. Who knows, ‘work from home’ may turn out to be the ‘new normal?’

2. Relaxed cozy corner

Convert the small space near the large window into a relaxation spot where you can lounge with your books, basking in the sun, or laze around spending some ‘me’ time away from the hustle-bustle of life.

3. Pamper with a walk-in closet

Give your dream a reality by designing the spare room into a walk-in closet you always wished to have. With the luxury of having a complete room at your disposal, you can create a luxurious walk-in closet.

4. Dress up the dressing room

Transform it into a stylish dressing room with a massive mirror, elegant dressing table, and a comfortable chair. You will surely enjoy the luxury of owning a luxurious dressing room in your home.

5. Break up the wall to merge

The Ante-Room / Receiving Area Structura Architects Terrace
Structura Architects

The Ante-Room / Receiving Area

Structura Architects

If your spare room is strategically placed adjacent to the living room, consider breaking the wall and merging the room with the rest of the space. Make the room a part of the living space to make it feel spacious.

6. Children’s play zone

Tagaytay Southridge Estates TG Designing Corner Nursery/kid’s room
TG Designing Corner

Tagaytay Southridge Estates

TG Designing Corner

It will be a great idea to decorate the spare room to be the dedicated children’s play zone. Put a cozy, comfortable mattress or low bed where you can lie down to watch the kid’s in action.

7. Storage for the memories




It’s natural to buy new things for home décor, and then you are clueless about where to place the old ones you don’t want to get rid of. So, convert the spare room to be the ‘memory room,’ where you will store all the memorabilia you have bought and inherited.

8. Day-room to hang around

Study area homify Media room

Study area


Build up a quiet and comfy space in the spare room to spend time and hang around with friends and family during days or late evenings before retiring to the private bedroom. A massive sofa-cum bed, a long coffee table, a TV, music systems, PlayStation, etc., for entertainment, will be perfect.

9. Room for the paying guest

Why not convert the spare room into a guest room for the paying guest. After all, a little extra income along with a company won’t harm. The room with a bed, study, TV unit, bedroom cabinet, and all the necessary facilities with the comfort of home is a popular choice among travelers and students looking for a home away from home.

10. Multi-purpose work/gaming/entertainment room

Make the most of your spare room by designing it with a sofa to stretch your back when tired of sitting on the chairs working from home, attending online classes, or studying. It could also double-up to be the room where the family can gather to hang or even play online games from the same room.

11. Lounging in the classy comfort

Use it for gossiping with friends, playing games, or even home office with a twist, the creative with the odd design spare room and convert it into a room to lounge around.

12. Call it a creative space

Study Area ra studio Study/office
ra studio

Study Area

ra studio

It's a fact that creativity splurges in a quiet and quaint space bubbling with cheerful décor and greenery around to inspire. Hang an inspiring quote, prepare a clean working desk, add freshness to the décor, and sit to fill in your imagination.

13. Airbnb your spare room

Neo gothic studio (exhibit) Geraldine Oliva Living room
Geraldine Oliva

Neo gothic studio (exhibit)

Geraldine Oliva

The spare you built in the basement or the attic can easily be made available to the Airbnb and earn extra money. Get inspired from here and make it a complete unit with a fully furnished kitchen, bar, bedroom, study, and bathroom and rent it out. Open up your beautiful home for the world!

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Which of these ideas will you use for the spare room of your house? Do let us know in the commenst section.
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