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7 Best Roofing Materials for Philippines Home

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The Philippines has a tropical climate characterized by high temperature, humidity, and abundant rainfall. When building up a home, the first thought that crosses our mind is how to keep it cool in a natural way and to protect it from the weather. The house roof is the frontline warrior, protecting it from the sun, rain, and harmful radiation. However, it’s essential to choose the roofing materials judiciously, or else the purpose of having a ‘roof over the head’ is not fulfilled. The professional architects emphasize the careful construction of roofs built using the best materials for a comfortable home. Check out these roofing materials that will best suit your home, braving the Philippines climate. 

1. Concrete on the Roof

Versatile, durable, robust and affordable, concrete is a relatively common and traditionally popular material for roofing. Cement, sand, and water are combined in proportion to make the concrete roofing. It can be laid as an in-built roof over the house or fixed as overlapping tiles over the existing roof surface. The concrete roofing can be further weather-proofed by coating it or installing reflective tiles fixed on it.    

2. Slate on the roof

Suitable for all-weather conditions, slate especially acts as a great barrier to heat. The slate colors in the black, grey, green, red, and purple shades add elegance and beauty to the home exterior. It’s durable, robust, and the natural slate material is low on maintenance, making it the best roofing material to be on the roof.

3. Terracotta on the roof

The common roofing material on the countryside homes, terracotta has become popular in city homes for the rustic charm it adds to the aesthetics. Terracotta is also a good shield to protect the home from harsh rays of the sun, keeping it relatively cooler even in extreme heat. Well-baked terracotta tiles can withstand all-weather and last longer. 

4. Wood on the roof

The best roofing choice that can go on for generations, wood brings in traditional houses' aesthetic charm in modern homes. As wood shingles or shakes, wood fits perfectly in any style of home. While the wood shakes are handmade and rustic, wood shingles are machine cut and more refined.

5. Glass on the roof

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Updating the Look of a 2-Storey Makati Abode

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With the developing technology, glass is no longer a fragile, delicate material. A toughened glass on the roof brings in the natural light inside the house but protects it from the rain. Use it as a sunroof or the roof over the portico, it will add to the house's aesthetic.

6. Solar technology on the roof

Use the roof of your house to generate electricity for private use by installing solar panels or photovoltaic shingles. The recent development to harness the sun's energy has revolutionized the technology and introduced new types of photovoltaic shingles that are lightweight, affordable, and eco-friendly.

7. Plastic polymer on the roof

Retro-Futuristic Home Structura Architects Modern home Concrete White
Structura Architects

Retro-Futuristic Home

Structura Architects

Sustainable, durable, affordable, and low on maintenance, the plastic polymer roofing material is slowly becoming popular because it is recyclable too. The best thing about this roofing is that it can be moulded according to your imagination. 

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