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Pantone color of the year 2021: 30 Ideas to add the colors of life and positivity in your Home

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People were desperately looking for something to lift the gloom from the year 2020, overshadowed by the pandemic. And with a bang, Pantone announced the illuminating and ultimate gray the Pantone color for 2021. Imagine the energetic vibe of the sunshine yellow merges with the ultimate gray will bring into your home. The optimistic vibrancy of Illuminating yellow and the pensive mood of Ultimate Gray is the match made in heaven and brought to your life as the Pantone color of the year 2021. So bask in the glory of the two unconventional contemporary combinations to bring lively positivity to the home décor. Here are some ideas from our designers for you.

1. Ray of sunshine

Inspired by the color of nature, the shine of Illuminating and Ultimate Gray merges to create a stunning open plan kitchen.

2. On the shelves

A room dominated by the Ultimate Gray with a splash of Illuminating vibrancy of yellow on the shelves combines to build a modern office.

3. Modern minimalism

Modern is minimalist, and the philosophy of modern minimalism in home decor creates an elegant decor. Ultimate Gray sofa and Illuminating cushion cover is a clever idea to bring in the Pantone color of the year 2021 in your home.

4. Less in more

Just a bathtub in yellow resting above the vinyl bathroom floor in Ultimate Gray sometimes less is more to make a mark.

5. Gossip corner

Splash the color of life in the favorite corner of your house, which also double-up to be your breakfast bar. The yellow chairs with gray look stunning.

5. Happy and joyful décor

Plan a happy and joyful space by combining the Pantone color of the year 2021 in your home's kitchen cum dining room. Take some inspiration from here.

6. Lively and serene

This out of the world combination of lively and serene color in one space will bring in the out of the world experience in your home decor.

7. Silently making a mark

Sometimes a simple change can make a huge difference. Change the furnishing of your home to make a statement with the Pantone color 2021.

8. Smart in subtle

The Pantone color of the year 2021 in its subtle shade smartly transforms the interior decor to make it look elegant. While the seat of the chair is Illuminating tone, the Ultimate Gray is in the back.

9. Bright and Vibrant

Make your bedroom bright and vibrant using the shades of Illuminating and Ultimate Gray in furniture and furnishing to show your personality.

10. In the end

Contemporary kitchen diner in Essex residence Paul Langston Interiors Kitchen Grey
Paul Langston Interiors

Contemporary kitchen diner in Essex residence

Paul Langston Interiors

Ultimate Gray kitchen with Illuminating wall in the end to add color in the kitchen cum informal dining room.

11. The style of four

Four walls in Ultimate Gray get complimented by the four pendant lamps and the four high chairs in Illuminating color, bringing the positive vibe of Pantone color 2021 in the kitchen.

12. Chic and stylish

Enhance the style quotient of your small kitchen by playing with patterns and color.

13. Elegant and contemporary

The elegance of Ultimate Gray gets balanced by the vibrancy of Illuminating yellow in this stylish bathroom.

14. It's Okay to be colorful

It's okay to show your love for color unapologetically. Ultimate Gray floor and walls are made bright by the illumination of Illuminating, the Pantone color 2021.

15. Make a statement with simplicity

Make a statement with simplicity. If you don't want to go for a major change and still want to be trendy with the Pantone color of the year 2021, paint a small portion of the wall in the combination.

16. Sound of silence

The view from the window and the living room is decorated in the combination of the calmness of Ultimate Gray with a touch of Illuminating; the serenity is stunning.

17. The façade full of style

The exterior of the house is an introduction to what's inside. Make a mark with the facade decor and paint it in the Pantone color 2021. It's marvelous!

18. The wall says it all

A wall in Illuminating with the framed pictures in Ultimate Gray hung over it; it's a smart way to make the room lively and full of memories.

19. Shining bright and beautiful

The kitchen pantry and floor cabinet in yellow and the gray wall cabinet bring in the combination of Pantone color 2021 in your kitchen to enhance its style and brighten up space.

20. Smart merger on the wall

The two colors combination of Illuminating and Ultimate Gray in open bookshelves look smart and stylish.

21. Sandwich in between

Take inspiration from here if you have a small kitchen and make it vibrant and stylish with the Pantone colors of the year 2021.

22. Attractive and elegant

The Illuminating color amidst the Ultimate Gray gives the eyes a resting place to breathe in an elegant room.

23. Cut into half

Half-half, the balancing act of the two-color combinations aptly declared to be the Pantone colors of 2021 is simply a show-stopper.

24. Signature pieces of furniture

Sign it off with the signature pieces in your elegant decor in vibrant color. It will speak about your personal style.

25. Simplicity of subtle shade

Playroom/ Teenage Hangout JMdesign Living room

Playroom/ Teenage Hangout


The simplicity of subtle shades of Illuminating cushion covers on the Ultimate Gray sofa's with a yellow wall behind creates a simple yet elegant decor.

26. Reflecting style

A portion of the ceiling and the floor beneath in Illuminating and the rest of the space covered in Ultimate Gray bring the ultimate style into the open kitchen.

27. Vibrantly alive

Create a living space with an Illuminating sofa illuminated brightly with a floor lamp in the same color and the Ultimate Gray wall to complement it.

28. The dining table décor

Enhance the dining experience with Illuminating crockeries, Ultimate Gray table mats, and your loved ones around.

29. Stylishly sophisticated

The house's children will enjoy the combinations of Pantone colors of the year 2021 in the room crafted to be their recluse.

30. The show-stopper

Just an elegant piece in Illuminating color standing alone in front of the mirror on the wall and the Ultimate Gray dominating the rest of space; the reflection on the mirror doubles-up the glitz and glamor of the room.

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Which way will you bring in the positive vibe of Pantone colors of 2021 in your home? Leave us your comments. 
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