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9 Wardrobe ideas for small rooms

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Families tend to compromise on style and design when they have a small house as they are not able to fit in lavish furniture or storage pieces. But in today's world where almost every city is filled to capacity and people have to fit in their belongings into small apartments, interior designers are using smart tricks to create beautiful homes with all the necessary ingredients to meet needs of the family. So if you are worried about compromising with storage in your bedroom here are some practical and attractive wardrobes for small bedrooms that can fit into any setting and style. Do look through the features of each one of them to decide which of these are best suited for your house. 

1. Space utilization behind the bed

Wardrobe framing the Bed in the Master Bedroom U and I Designs Modern style bedroom
U and I Designs

Wardrobe framing the Bed in the Master Bedroom

U and I Designs

Space behind the bed is often ignored and only is used for lighting or order wall decor. But when space is scarce then use this idea to create wardrobes for storage and have built in tables within the design like this for utility. But remember to keep the design light so that the bed region doesn’t appear stifling.

2. Space saving sliding doors

People tend to overlook the fact that cupboards occupy the floor they are built on but their doors too require space when opened. If space is scarce in a bedroom then go for large sliding doors like these here that are a great idea to save space and give a stylish look to the bedroom too.

3. Glossy surface for luxurious look

Glossy reflective surface on wardrobes can be achieved with mirrors or vinyl coating that for reflect light and help make a small space appear larger. Wardrobes with polished and reflective doors look perfectly beautiful and classy.

4. Monochrome or light colored wardrobes

Children Bedroom - Wardrobe View Enrich Interiors & Decors Small bedroom Green
Enrich Interiors & Decors

Children Bedroom—Wardrobe View

Enrich Interiors & Decors

Light color palette has the ability to  make a room look large and spacious. Here the decision to keep background and furniture in white coincides well with little splashes of color. The wardrobe too has just a light patch of color making it blend into the wall. 

5. Niche wardrobe design

The niche open design wardrobe here has exploited a niche under the low wall that would otherwise have remained wasted.  Instead of wasting money on freestanding furniture that does not always fit into small bedrooms, the niche space has been utilized to make open combination of storage choices that makes use of every inch within the recessed niche. This kind of narrow spaces can be efficiently used in small bedrooms efficiently with the help of an experienced carpenter who can design customized storage. 

6. Built in wardrobe

Guest Bedroom Inside Storiez Asian style bedroom Plywood Beige
Inside Storiez

Guest Bedroom

Inside Storiez

In a small bedroom with precious floor space plan a built in wardrobe that can be fitted into wall cavities that can easily blend into the overall design. In this design the work table has been fitted into the wardrobe structure which is sleek and has a mirror panel which is ideal for dressing.

7. Cupboards extended to the ceiling

Why waste even an inch of space which is precious in a small bedroom? Having a wardrobe that extends from floor to ceiling creates extra storage space. Shelves in the loft area can be used to stack winter linen or even suitcases and other travel luggage that is used occasionally. 

8. Combination of open and closed storage

In this wardrobe design the entire wall along the door has been used to build cabinets from floor to ceiling. Combination of open and closed storage choices here are ideal for a bedroom with small floor space.

9. Door-less storage wardrobe

6) Look of the Room Lakkad Works BedroomWardrobes & closets
Lakkad Works

6) Look of the Room

Lakkad Works

While wardrobe doors take up floor space sliding doors are not always useful if their width is limited. An organized wardrobe without doors and just opaque curtains to keep the contents private can look and feel elegant. 


 Here are some tips on selecting right wardrobe design for your bedroom. 

Which of these wardrobe designs did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below. 
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