12 Fresh Window Design Ideas to enhance the elegance of your Home

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More than a functional piece, windows have always been a home design staple, and that change with time and style to remain trendy. Whether for the exterior or interior, the windows are essential even for the home décor. Apart from its obvious function of connecting the inside with the outside and flushing the house with natural light and fresh air, the windows can break the wall's monotony to bring a renewed energy and flair to the décor. Today we have chosen a few modern and creative window designs by our designers that are functional, decorative, and a remarkable fusion between chic and contemporary.

1. Combination of traditional and contemporary style

The arched window with glass fixed on a wooden frame on the stone-clad wall creates a classy style and decorates the house exterior with its presence. It is a fascinating fusion of traditional with modern style.

2. Slanting with the roof

This custom-made wood and glass window moves along with the slanting roof getting smaller in height as the top descends. It’s an appealing design in sync with the house style.

3. Customized room full of windows

A room full of casement windows is customized to provide ample natural light and air. Easy to clean, hassle-free maintenance, smooth operation, and energy-efficient have made this window style quite popular in ‘green homes.’  

4. Picture-perfect window

The large glass windows, almost from floor to ceiling, add generously to the house's aesthetics from inside out. Choose clear glass for the window or opt for tainted or frosted glass to block the view from outside; it's your personal preference.

5. Bow window for the corner

If you wish to make the corner of your home a favorite hanging spot for the family and make the small room feel spacious, then a bow window is the right choice. A broad window at the wall's turning and three long vertical windows on each side create an illusion of a curvy appearance on the outside.

6. Mesh of clean and clear lines

Following the modern minimalism philosophy, the windows offer clean and straight lines, symmetric in style, and the simple mesh of window grills enhances the stylishness and some extra protection. 

7. Outward swing of awning window

This style of windows that have hinges on the top and open outwards provides maximum ventilation and allows you to enjoy the rain even when it’s raining cats and dogs with windows open without letting the water in. 

8. Sky through the window glass

Brighten up your small study/office or enclosed space with extra light peeping through the skylight window. It's perfect for small rooms since it makes the small space feels spacious.

9. Glass windows doubling up to be the glass walls

The modern architects are installing large glass windows that doubles-up to be the house's wall adding to the home's aesthetics. The large glass windows increase the flow of natural light during the day and allow the unobstructed view of the night sky at night.

10. Long vertical windows

Two or more long vertical windows instead of one large horizontal window in the same space create some drama and elegance with smart design. Unleash your imagination and break the wall with a couple of long windows to make the room feel taller.

11. Classy touch of the shutter windows

The shutter windows are traditional, chic, and classy when it comes to dressing up the windows, and it will never go out of style. Whether closed or open, it will enhance the elegance of the room with its presence.

12. Sophistication of arch windows

Arch windows add softness to the architecture and create a contrasting effect of straight lines and curvy top. You can enhance the arch windows' elegance by adding grids that will add to the aesthetics of the home's interior and exterior. 

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Which of these window designs is your favorite? Please let us know in the comment section.

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