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Nestled at the base of a slightly elevated mountain sits a house that is reminiscent of a butterfly about to take flight. The two-storey dwelling is situated on a wide plot with a linear aspect over scenic views of the surrounding landscape. Here the home is able to take advantage of the abundant natural illumination and cool breezes that sweep through each of its individual, different sized rooms. 

Designed by toki Architect design office, this 112 square metre residence is modern, elegant and unique. Located in Asakuchi, within the Okayama Prefecture, Japan, this dwelling boasts minimalist living spaces and tranquil interior design. Due to the extreme width of the plot, with a relatively short depth, the architects needed to construct a building that would utilise its wide land. The result is a highly intriguing structure replete with charming yet sleek exterior and interior spaces. 

The classic gable roof is another highlight of this wonderful home, imparting simple design lines and angular architectural features. If this property has piqued your interest, then read on and take a look at the stylish images below!

The impressive façade

The façade of this dwelling is both impressive in its size, and also in its form. The exterior walls are a pleasant and fresh white hue, working wonderfully to highlight the maroon timber door that hides away in a small portico space.

Here we can see the fence that sits at the front of the residence. It is comprised of slender pieces of timber that allow the light to pass through, ensuring the front garden is visible yet protected. A secure fence, it is neither intimidating nor detrimental to the overall style of the house, actually enhancing it with its warm and welcoming appearance.

Butterfly wings

As we shift our vantage and take a look at the home from a different perspective and angle we can see the way this dwelling looks as if it is a butterfly with its wings spreading out over the landscape. Here the shape and form of the residence is easy to grasp, and the strong design lines are even more evident.

The white colour scheme means that this home is a striking piece of thoughtful and considered architecture that works beautifully against its surroundings. The overall appearance is one of grace and beauty, a contemporary butterfly resting or about to take flight.

A well formed kitchen with open-plan living spaces

The kitchen is an open plan space that includes a dining area, and plenty of vacant open space. One of the most striking design elements within this kitchen is the kitchen island, which is joined to the wall, but has relinquished the under-bench cupboards. Although this may seem like a waste of space, the lack of joinery actually helps the room feel open and spacious.

Timber is a predominant hue and material throughout, emphasising warmth and comfort. This is perfectly juxtaposed against sleek minimalism, which helps the home feel both clean and cosy.

Bold design lines and sleek interior finishes

The foyer room of this abode is minimal and chic. Streamlined in its design, the architect has taken advantage of the timber elements to create a clean yet warm ambience. The standout feature within this space is the staircase that glides smoothly upwards against the fresh white walls.

The dark charcoal hue of the metal stairs creates bold design lines, and helps symbolise the modernity seen throughout. A double height room tops off this highly liveable space, emphasising luxury yet a modest appreciation of opulence.

Secret spaces for the ultimate relaxation

The sleeping spaces are hidden away from view of the rest of the interior, ensuring a serene space to relax and unwind. Bamboo flooring is a gorgeous touch that ensures the area is both versatile and comfortable.

This interior space boasts an undeniable charm and simplicity, from the tatami style mats to the minimalist décor, the area is perfect for meditation or quiet reflection. Additionally, the space has enviable views to the exterior garden, adding to the relaxed aura, and effortless tranquillity.

Effortlessly warm and inviting

For one final view of this home we are taking a peek through the front window of the house. As the sun is setting the interior warmth of the residence becomes visible. This is an abode of immense style and sophistication, and yet, it is still welcoming and hospitable to all who enter. Indeed the viewer outside the home is treated to as much of the comfort as those inside, with amber illumination glowing from the large glazed windows.

This home is a statement upon its landscape, yet works in conjunction with the environment it is built within. Stylish, striking, and effortlessly chic, we adore this butterfly-esque dwelling and it impressive contemporary design.

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