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8 DIY Ideas to decorate home interiors with plants

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Few can deny the aesthetic beauty that plants bring inside the house whether it is as single arrangements in pots or as simple wall décor. Plants are visually pleasing and also good for interiors as they have the ability to generate oxygen and keep environment free of pollutants. In crowded cities where there is limited tree cover indoor plants are the only way to stay close to nature. So let us explore how plants can play an active role in every room of your house and without the aid of expensive changes. 

1. As a centerpiece in the living room

Whether a living room room is small or large bringing in few plants can add glamour to its decorating scheme. While blooming plant provide benefit of aromatherapy plants with lush greenery bring a charming pop of color. If the room lacks space to set up potted plants then use a small tabletop arrangement like here like a centerpiece.  

2. Large containers for character

Ground floor AZ INTERIORS Scandinavian style dining room

Ground floor


When you have large living room like this abutting the garden then large sliding glass doors work as connectors between interiors and exteriors. The classical style sofa works like a statement piece against the large metal containers that hold the plants and the pretty decorative plant on the side table adds charm to the entire picture.

3. Decorate the terrace

Open air region like the terrace provides great scope to turn it into a mini garden with trellis roof spread out with lush green vines that provide shelter against sunlight and also look attractive. Ideally here a landscape designer to do a professional job to get the right look and feel if you have a large terrace to get the attractive setting like here.

4. Mini forest in the house

If you want to use a variety of decorative plants with colorful leaves then use these kind of decorative arrangements made of stone or concrete that can hold them all together. These designs can also be integrated into the modern living room layout to give a natural look to the environment.

5. Enriching the home office area

Got a home office in an empty corner of the house? No one said that offices have to lifeless with just files and computers, so why not add some buzz to it with neat plant arrangements like here? Small potted arrangements along with files and books on the shelf here liven un the area as does the large one on the floor which adds character to this all white space.

6. Kitchen garden for herbs

The Chipping Norton Kitchen by deVOL deVOL Kitchens Built-in kitchens Solid Wood Black
deVOL Kitchens

The Chipping Norton Kitchen by deVOL

deVOL Kitchens

Lack space for a proper kitchen garden to grow your favorite herbs and fresh spices? Why not set up open floating shelves to grow these herbs in small pots like here. In this kitchen open shelves are stacked with a pretty collection of potted herbs that form a startling contrast against white walls and bold black cabinets.

7. Statement piece in the foyer

When you have a foyer with a breathtaking view as this why not enhance the space with arrangement of plants that clearly make a statement. We absolutely love this large vessel shaped pot with succulents that makes a bold statement by simply being present in the right place.

8. Plants in the bathroom

Did you know that plants are actually very good for the bathroom as they improve air quality while improving the region's décor. But as bathroom environment varies drastically between warm, cold, humid and dry you should use the right kind of plant verities for them to thrive like perennial ferns, bamboo, cast iron plant and Chinese evergreen. 

If these ideas have piqued your interest in decorating home with plants then do explore these indoor plant ideas for you home.

Which of these ideas did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below. 
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