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12 little houses to choose when you have land

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Several natural causes have contributed to changes in the size, design and pattern of homes around the world. With the help of new technologies, improvements have been made to make buildings more long-lasting, environment friendly and safe. These advances have

opened up many possibilities for homeowners and have been adopted to improve the quality while reducing cost of construction today.

If you are about to renovate the house or are thinking of building a new house, consider these designs that can fit different budgets. This idea book has some home design samples composed by our home builders which are being constructed in several small and big cities.

1. Single level elongated design

STA.MARIA RESIDENTIAL RESORT ezpaze design+build Minimalist house
ezpaze design+build


ezpaze design+build

This modern style house is made of a blend of light colors, open areas and large terrace. The large size backyard and open patio are distinctive features that allow natural light to filter in till late hours in the evening. The best advantage of this construction style is that it fits easily into everyone's budgets.

2. Beautiful white facade

Designed in simple linear style this house built on two levels has been constructed by adding long pieces of wood to the balcony area which gives it character and personality. For the design and layout of this house you will need a precise amount of raw material so that the structure remains strong forever.

3. Stately two storied house

A proposed two storey residential building with a facade of mixed modern, contemporary ABG Architects and Builders Modern home
ABG Architects and Builders

A proposed two storey residential building with a facade of mixed modern, contemporary

ABG Architects and Builders

Simple in appearance but characterized by large windows and doors which, despite the glass, are elegant with black frames like like paintings on the walls. The long pillars on the side made of stone defines rustic style by its color and texture. The open garage in the front is typical of stand alone houses like these where parking area is limited.

4. Minimalist budget friendly house

Vergara Family Residence Yaoto Design Studio Modern home
Yaoto Design Studio

Vergara Family Residence

Yaoto Design Studio

The house is perfect for a small family as it integrates the living room with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen on the same floor. It is easy to construct because the house is prepared with local materials and less labor and does not require highly specialized workers. If you want to save on building your home have a clear drawing that specifies areas and size of living room, dining room, kitchen and other private and social areas and get it constructed with the help of a reputed local general contractor.

5. An urban dream

TWO STOREY DINTER HOUSE Yaoto Design Studio Modern home
Yaoto Design Studio


Yaoto Design Studio

This home located in an urban residential neighborhood has left open space all around for an air of spaciousness.

6. House of geometric spaces

The facade is a beautiful array of geometric designs placed strategically one above the other.

7. Minimalist design

The design looks as if two different sections have been integrated together to make the house a charming mix of modern and traditional styles and materials.

8. Residential unit on two floors

An eclectic structure designed to keep out sunlight is embellished with wood to give a natural finish.

9. A lavish two storied structure

This lavish two storied residence is designed to allow natural light and ventilation wherein the designers have taken inspiration from vernacular architecture. Their design team has used high ceilings with strategically placed fenestration/openings to encourage passive cooling inside the home. The exterior is contemporary but dramatic with angular layouts that maximizes use of available space.

10. Inspired by the elements

This modern house design is inspired by European style and its roof and windows are angular shaped. The roof of the house is spread in an angular layout and touch of Mediterranean architecture is visible. To give them an international look, these houses use clay tile balcony, colorful stone on the face of the house and glass frontage.

11. House of multiple roofs

The first things that strikes our eye when we look at this house is the twin roof design at different level which is pretty unusual. Stone chips at the entrance of this low budget home made of great size have attractive details such as large rectangular windows. The lovely landscaped garden adds to the charm as do the steps leading up the wide entrance.

12. Contemporary family home

Small houses can be either classic, contemporary or modern but they are characterized by creative design and elements to ensure fine living within available space. The home shown here is also one such contemporary design which ensures that lifestyle needs are not compromised due to lack of space. 

Here are some more homes with unique Mediterranean Contemporary design.

Modern bathroom wall decorating ideas
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Which of these house designs did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below. 
Casas inHAUS Modern home

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