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8 Modern office facades that impress

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Commercial office structures are no longer dull grey buildings and now are designed with glass, stone, tree climbers and other details to deliver facades that are riveting. A facade or frontage of a commercial building is an interface between internal and external spaces that reflects the official image that the company wants to project to outside world. While commercial businesses like related to food have inviting facade with attractive signage, lights and colorful details to welcome people, an office structure is more sedate and simple. 

For a commercial building its facade could be on the side or front exterior but it has to be designed with detailed planning as it sets the tone for other parts of the structure. Well articulated facades contribute to the stature and prestige of any business. Here are a few creative structures designed developed by our architects for commercial purpose that one can take inspiration. 

1. Energy efficient office facade

This office building that is part of a factory and workshop requires continuous communication between different work groups. To reduce the energy needs for lighting, cooling, ventilation 

and other mechanical activities smart facade has been created that optimizes energy. 

2. Stylish glass facade

For a modern information technology firm that uses this space for teams working around the clock to meet customer needs across the globe the need was to have an appealing facade that welcomes and stands proud. The mix of grey steel and glass with small garden in the front creates just the write setup for modern office.

3. Frontage of a restaurant

2011 PROJECTS MKC DESIGN Modern dining room



Warm and colorful restaurant facade has an eclectic mix of furniture sheltered under colorful umbrellas that welcome regular customers and casual strollers to try its fare.

4. Harmonious work setup

The requirement here was to build an simple facade that is a unobtrusive and simple with soothing monochrome tones that is a joy to work in. In tune with local planning requirements as it is a semi-residential area simple white was preferred external facade colors without any decorative elements like glass or steel. A bit of glass is typically used in commercial buildings which has also been used in the staircase and lift region to bring in natural light.

5. Informal but stately

Facade, View of Parking Driveway Structura Architects Townhouse Ceramic Brown
Structura Architects

Facade, View of Parking Driveway

Structura Architects

Composed of three connected blocks this mixed-use structure represents a striking vision of urban development. Designed with a spacious underground parking lot and multiple lifts connecting every floor the architects placed spacious open passages at ground level allowing office staff to move in and out of the building at all hours of the day and night.

6. Lavish landmark

Exterior perspective homify Modern home

Exterior perspective


Setup in a busy commercial area this office facade was made to stand out from the rest with lavish stone and concrete details. Dressed in multiple layers of textured concrete and steel the structure comprises of three story cube set beside an elongated rectangle stretched out on the side. Slashed across the cube’s exterior are three dramatic yellow lines that form a sharp contrast against the concrete facade.

7. Factory and office under an umbrella roof

Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Cawangan Sandakan Chin Architect Study/office Turquoise
Chin Architect

Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Cawangan Sandakan

Chin Architect

The curved roof and canvas canopy create a distinctive Malaysian style architecture for this energy-efficient building that blocks out direct sunlight at all times even during harsh summers. A life-size mock-up was erected and fabrication was carried out only after approval. The end-product is an architectural marvel that is a beautiful example of modern styling which was constructed out of locally-made materials that are adapted to the local climate.

8. Iconic structure

The brief was to create create an iconic building that matches the brand Monarch. Though muted tones were use the idea was to design a building that stands out from the rest by its sheer presence and stature. The attractiveness of a well-designed facade can be similar to well tailored clothes that fit a person. The performance criteria of this facade has to be seen to be believed.

For more facade ideas do not forget to see these Modern and Elegant Two Story Homes.  

Which of these office facades did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below. 
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