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How to use grey for interior design

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Structura Architects Living room
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Gray is the new neutral for interior design and though it may appear like a dull or boring color to some we urge you to see its use in these arrangements before writing it off as a fad. Even if you are a lover of colors and not a great fan of monochrome, we assure you that grey which is a available in multiple blends of white and black can both chic and pretty.  It can bring sanity to a room that is a riot of colors or bring calmness to a chaotic living room. Once you see these gray color used in different parts of the house you will be convinced to try it out yourself.  

1. Grey furniture

In this studio condominium all the public and private areas of the house are in close proximity and have been put together in artistic style to create subtle variations in the different spaces. Using a mix of classic design furniture in grey to separate the dining area and stark white for the bed linen, the interior decorators have created a graceful home. Bright splashes of color are provided by natural flowers and plants that stand sharply against blissful white surroundings.

2. Grey walls as dividers

View of Main Entry Door Structura Architects Living room
Structura Architects

View of Main Entry Door

Structura Architects

The modern house designed for a small family strives to be minimalist and stylish. The decorators have taken limited risks with color so it feels distinctly trendy that is likely to stay for several years. Dark grey walls coupled with light grey curtains and medium sized sofa all in different shades of grey form a natural palette here. A few touches of yellow against sparkling white floor and ceiling warm up the atmosphere.

3. Multiple shades of grey

2015 PROJECTS MKC DESIGN Modern bathroom



Here is another design that is both purposeful and fashionable that uses multiple shades of grey. In keeping with aim of maintaining a clutter free rustic style bathroom the counter has unpolished grey granite counter, bare light bulbs and large mirrors . The small space is made more livable by the inclusion of light grey floor tiles.

4. Harmonious bedroom

Nordic Urban MVRX Designs Scandinavian style bedroom
MVRX Designs

Nordic Urban

MVRX Designs

Soothing shades of grey furnishings interspersed with darker tones of bed linen against light walls and a lovely wall painting and large windows across an entire wall complement a harmonious bedroom that is both charming and eclectic. A clutter free design achieved through minimalist lighting influences that soothe and relax.

5. Grey cabinets

Modular Kitchen - Tagaytay City Stak Modern Kitchens Kitchen
Stak Modern Kitchens

Modular Kitchen—Tagaytay City

Stak Modern Kitchens

Grey color palette is quite complex as its different hues and can seem both soothing and forbidding. While few grays remind you of old churches and factories the modern grays are lighter in tone and closer to white. The one used here on the kitchen cabinets form a cheerful partnership with white counter giving onlookers the feeling of being close to the sea. Instead of looking like an industrial style kitchen the large windows and modern layout make it a perfect place for social gatherings.

6. Staircase that entices




When planning to use an unusual color like grey consider the mood you want to create or how it will reflect on the surroundings. While pale eggshell grey signifies soft feminine atmosphere, darker shades closer to navy blue or black signify masculine and formal atmosphere. The background shade of the staircase here is darker that has been softened by sunny yellow tone of the wooden steps which is perfectly suited for this region.

Like grey, beige is also a popular color and here are reasons to use beige in your home.

Which of these decor ideas did you like the most? Do let us know in your comments below. 
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