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Dining table ideas

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The dining room has always been a central meeting place in the home; a place for families to gather for dinner, to share stories from their day and enjoy a home cooked meal. It is also a place for entertaining, to bring together friends and those whose company we enjoy. At the centre of this room is the dining table, a piece of furniture that should be seen as an investment, and should be chosen carefully. If you are thinking about investing in a new dining table and are looking for a little inspiration, here are some fine examples of dining tables of all shapes and sizes, and to suit any taste. Bon Appetite!

Timeless timber

Timber has always been the go-to material for a dining table. It is strong, beautiful, and timeless. Although it has been the material of choice in the past, it is still very easy to put a modern twist on a timeless classic. In this open plan kitchen we see a solid timber bench top, made with timber legs of a different species, giving this table an individual identity. Paired with some mismatched chairs and industrial-style hanging lamps above, this dining room is beautiful in its own way, without looking like it tried too hard.

Small space dining

​As we all know, not everybody can live in grand homes with dining tables suitable for 10 guests. If you live in an inner city flat that is squeezed for space, then the only option is for a small dining table. Best to opt for white in smaller rooms, as it gives the illusion of more space. This small cosy flat has chosen an all white interior, furnished with a matching white table with wooden legs, paired with modern white chairs. 

Antique classic

​What's new is old, and what's antique will never age. Antique furnishings have stood the test of time, outliving all trends to hold its own as a beautiful theme to style a home. Unlike modern furniture, which only loses value once it is off the showroom floor, antique furniture holds its value, and often increases in value as time passes. 

This rendition of a Victorian-era dining room embodies all the elegance of Victorian times; beautifully crafted dining table and chairs, from the table's intricate legs to the chairs delicate cushions. With matching sideboard, styled with a candelabra and hanging chandelier above, who can argue with the timeless beauty of antique furniture? 

Cantina style dining

​There are no rules when it comes to dining tables, literally anything goes. These high bench tables seen here in a restaurant scene could easily slide into the dining room of any modern home. Matched with stools suitable for a higher bench top, why not mix it up a little and try a new way to dine at home.

Touch of elegance

​A touch of class in the home will never go astray, and if your dinner table looks this impressive when your guests arrive for dinner, they are sure to be nothing short of truly impressed. 

Concrete chic

Chalet Mineral Lodge Concrete LCDA Scandinavian style dining room
Concrete LCDA

Chalet Mineral Lodge

Concrete LCDA

​Concrete is certainly not the first material that would spring to mind when anybody envisions a dining table in their home. Concrete is often brushed aside as only being useful as a foundation for building, or used as flooring. Concrete can hold its own in many household furnishings, as seen here in the very unique bespoke concrete table, built with reclaimed timber legs.

Picnic at home

A picnic table may also not be the first style of table you envision in a home. You may find this style of dining is more conducive to conversation compared to other styles of dining table as diners are sharing seats, which encourages interaction, perfect for entertaining a group of guests who might not have met before or for family interaction often overlooked in modern society's fast paced lives.

Solid timber twist

​It is hard to see past the natural beauty of this solid, single piece dining room tabletop. With the detail in the grain, you can see the age rings of the tree, and wander how old this tree was when before it became furniture. We love the bright white, plastic Scandinavian chairs, a stark contrast to the natural texture of the solid timber.

Shapes and stripes

​A constrast in more than one sense of the word, this dining room combines contrasting colours as well mismatched shapes, bought together into one quirky dining room that is sure to draw the attention of all those who visit this home.


​Building your own dining table using reclaimed timber is a great way to save some money on often expensive pieces of furniture, while also feeling good about doing something helpful for the environment. We cannot hide the fact that forests are slowly being depleted, so why not stick to the saying of 'reduce, reuse, recycle' and build a table you will not only feel accomplished in making, but accomplished in the fact the materials used may have otherwise gone to waste.

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