5 Ideas to decorate home on a budget

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People often complain about their small or ordinary homes because they feel that lack of space, budget and creative ideas limits their ability to have the house of their dreams. While large houses look attractive and give more space for creativity, their maintenance takes time, expense and labor.  In this idea book our interior designers and decorators are sharing with some budget friendly ideas that can help you decorate every kind of house.  

Each of these options has its own merits in terms of aesthetics, cost, durability and appearance which help in enhancing interiors. While all these ideas are appealing in their own way you may like to customize these home improvement ideas to suit decor style of your house so go ahead and try them out. 

1. Make a statement wall with abstract art

Living Room Clean Design Living room
Clean Design

Living Room

Clean Design

Minimalism and simplicity have always been great ways to decorate a space when limited by budget. But does it have to be boring? No! Add some abstract art and make a statement wall to brighten the area. The end result will surprise you like this!

2. Floor with remodeled wood

Phòng ngủ view 3 9X Interior
9X Interior

Phòng ngủ view 3

9X Interior

The remodeled wooden flooring is attractive on a practical level and not as expensive as a real hardwood floor. Choosing a classic remodeled wood flooring becomes a better option when combined with contemporary wooden furniture like here. Perhaps this is the right time to improve your floor with the help of a professional floorer?

3. Accentuate with blinds

The interiors and exteriors of the house may be separated by glass partitions but here they are divided with blinds in an artful way. Blinds accentuate the furniture, color and texture of different parts of the house and can create invisible barriers by acting as elegant window treatments.

4. Decorate with lights

Seventech Design


Seventech Design

Artistically designed lighting arrangements can also enhance the beauty of dull spaces. In this region artificial lighting in the form of in ceiling lights and artistic combination of drop down lights reveals the stylish beauty of furniture placed in the region. If rooms are small and cramped used bright lighting in an innovative way to make it look spacious.

5. Personalize with furniture

Select furniture that does not dominate and looks good with other decorative objects around the house. Create a comfortable unit like here wherein both living and dining area are in the same region but are visible divided due to subtle color differences in both areas. Small touches like pretty flower vase, decorate lamps and comfortable furniture add to the beauty of this region.

Looking for some budget friendly decoration ideas? Do explore ideas on how to furnish a house with little money.

Which of these ideas did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below. 

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