Trendy wall colors for the modern home of 2020

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Just as seasons and decor trends change tastes of people with regard to the interior decor and colors of their homes also changes over a period of time. Right now the focus is on how the colors within a house makes the inhabitants feel instead of on how the wall colors look in that space. This is the reason why mood colors that are dark and rich like blue, burnt orange, yellow, lavender and others are being adopted that make people feel cozy and happy.

While expensive wall decor tend to be limited to the social area of ​​the house, that we want to show to guests for private areas such as bedrooms, the use of colors on the walls should match personality and age of the people using it to make them feel relaxed. Children's rooms will always have vibrant colors and the desire of youth will reflect the youthful energy of their personality. If you are planning to bring a new vibe into your home then then get inspired by these trendy wall colors suggested by our interior decorators and designers here and get ready to spend quality time in beautiful surroundings for a long time. You can take the help of an experienced painter who has a good knowledge of colors to avoid choosing contrasting combinations.

1. Artful pop of burnt orange

The trend at start of this decade has been to go for bold colors instead of timeless neutrals. It would not be surprising to agree that colors like black, sage green, burnt orange and even navy green has entered into neutral zone. The vibrant shade of rustic orange used here in moderation brings an invigorating zest of life to this modern living room.

2. Blush pink

2012 PROJECTS MKC DESIGN Modern style bedroom



A large number of painters when asked about preferred colors of the young claimed that most kids and tweens are likely to go for bright hues and like vibrant yellow and pinks, blues and blacks in their designs. While the senior and middle aged generations prefer traditionally neutral shades the Gen Z. millennial generation prefer bold shades like red, pink or purple.

3. Beige is still a hot favorite

2011 PROJECTS MKC DESIGN Modern style bedroom



Varying shades of gray have played an active role on walls of different parts of the house around the world for several years now but now beige is making a strong comeback. This bedroom with beige tones tinged with blush gives a chic and sophisticated air to the this classic and neutral style bedroom. Designers predict that another trend that is likely to capture fancy of home owners in 2020 is use of natural wood in furniture and cabinetry for soft all natural look.

4. A tinge of green

2015 PROJECTS MKC DESIGN Modern bathroom



Green is also likely to be a adopted in a similar vein as classic masculine tones like moss green, leaf green, saddle brown and black as they are timeless and handsome. In this bathroom the pale green tiles ties in with the plant life sprouting in the area.

5. Versatile dusty grey

Living Area - View of Stairs Structura Architects Stairs Wood Brown
Structura Architects

Living Area—View of Stairs

Structura Architects

This shade of stone or dust grey is an amazing and versatile tone that can pair with several dark jewel colors like green, rust, peach and natural wood like teak and birch. Here the wall makes a deep and calming partnership with wooden staircase to complete the picture of a minimalist home.

6. Timeless White

2-Storey Scandinavian-Inspired Residence Structura Architects Small bedroom White
Structura Architects

2-Storey Scandinavian-Inspired Residence

Structura Architects

Combination of white on walls, ceilings, furniture and also furnishings with colorful or neutral pops in their midst is one of the biggest paint trends of 2020 that is likely to remain for several years. While earlier an all white concept was considered sterile it is gaining popularity in layered format. It is not boring anymore as combination of textured white against modern whites lend depth to this timeless color.

Want a rethink before action? Do view these beautiful and trending colors of 2018 to make up your mind.

Which of these wall colors did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments. 

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