7 smart ways to refresh old kitchens

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Redesigning the kitchen or giving it a fresh look does not mean that one needs to spend a fortune or invite professional kitchen planner, as there are many low cost options that produce excellent results. In addition to small and large appliances, the kitchen contains new and old utensils, boxes and various cutting and serving equipment which have to be arranged smartly for maximum utilization of space. Instead of focusing on how large or small area is available for the kitchen one should concentrate on making the region practical and efficient so that every inch is used properly.

Here are smart kitchen upgrade ideas and to give it a fresh lease of life by creating the feel of a large workplace and personalizing it with attractive elements.

1. Upgrade with new curtains

Nothing brightens up kitchen interiors like a fresh coat of paint and a set of matching curtains. Changing colors always give a fresh perspective and brighten up atmosphere of a dull kitchen. Ideally kitchen curtains should be changed every few months along with matching dishcloths, mats and other cloth items in the kitchen as they they will make make the region look cheerful and coordinated. 

2. Combining old and new

8 Forbes Town Road Golf View Residences TG Designing Corner Kitchen
TG Designing Corner

8 Forbes Town Road Golf View Residences

TG Designing Corner

Instead of completely transforming your kitchen why not retain some of its vintage elements that are appealing and use modern themes or decorative inputs to match it? Here the cabinets were pushed to the ceiling and a see through glass fronted region was created above the breakfast bar to match the existing atmosphere of the kitchen. The region now is a charming and cohesive combination of retro and modern design that includes a sleek baking area and modern appliances. In other words the changes here including the bar stools flow complete the picture of a modern kitchen.

3. Give a face-lift with new back-splash

Adding a fancy back-splash is a budget friendly kitchen improvement idea to transform the ambiance of a dull kitchen. With modern technology it is relatively easy to change tiles or add a back-splash in case there was only an empty wall above the counter. Instead of traditional sandstone or ceramic tiles opt for peel and stick vinyl tiles with colorful patterns or even wall paper to pep up the kitchen. Ensure that the back-splash material is resistant to water and stains so your investment is worth it. Paint and stencils are also easy to adopt kitchen redecoration ideas to add style and dimension to the back-splash.  

4. Innovative partition tricks

One of the most common ideas to redesign the kitchen is to create subtle separators in an open floor plan to bifurcate kitchen from other parts of the house. This smartly designed breakfast bar has shelves on the other side for storage and also acts as a partition.

5. Wall art with cutlery

Sonata Private Residences TG Designing Corner Kitchen
TG Designing Corner

Sonata Private Residences

TG Designing Corner

There are many small useful items in the kitchen that are often difficult to find and the best way to store them is by attaching them to such hooks so that they are exposed as needed. Here all cutting essentials like knives, chopping board, shears, can opener, whisker etc hang neatly in a row almost like wall art on the wall stand which is a common low budget kitchen decor.

6. Decorate with lights and furniture

Adding fancy lighting and furniture can also enhance the kitchen atmosphere. Here drop down cylindrical lights add warmth to the breakfast area while rustic stools give an air of casual chic.

7. Counter lights and organizers

Kitchen planners must ensure that all pullout drawers in the workspace meant for cutlery and other small tools have internal separators and object organizers. This can help to find essential items when needed also makes the kitchen look organized. Under cabinet lighting makes it easy to work even under the darkest spots of kitchen counters at night and also keeps out insects. These lights illuminate counters and makes the work area cheerful while helping users find essential tools when required. 

Here are essentials to keep in mind while designing a kitchen.

Which of these ideas did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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