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10 Innovative ideas to connect your home with nature

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The growth in urbanization has led to deforestation and also created a vast chasm between humans and nature. While earlier people could afford to stay in small homes with large gardens around around the periphery now apartments designed with limited open spaces does not let in sufficient natural light and air. As nature brings us peace, tranquility and good health it is good to bring some elements of nature into your home. In this ideabook we showcase how our interior decorators and designers have created innovative ways to bring nature to your home. Subtle touches like artificial waterfall, infinity pool, herb gardens, indoor plants, window tubs, aquariums, glass roofs, wooden furniture bring spontaneity and serenity into the house.

1. Natural sunlight is part of decor

2-Storey Residence Renovation Garra + Punzal Architects Living room
Garra + Punzal Architects

2-Storey Residence Renovation

Garra + Punzal Architects

Admiring way to provide clear view of the outside garden with large glazed windows that bring in natural sunlight. The designers at Garra + Punzal Architects here made the most of multiple rimless windows in the living room to give an immersive feeling of being within nature without it overwhelming the region. This not only provides enchanting view of greenery outside but also gives privacy to residents from curious onlookers passing by.

2. Stargazing

This lovely terrace sit-out is an ideal place for relaxing during hot summers when staying indoors is stifling. The covered roof is ideal for stargazing during lazy weekend evenings and admiring the night sky while trying out one's knowledge about astronomy.

3. Water—Elixir of life

Water is the base of all life on earth and civilizations in the past, present and even in future will continue to be built around natural water bodies. The infinity pool beside the lavish dining room is absolutely mesmerizing with the green surrounding landscape. The view of water that is visible across the house due to glass frontage brings calmness to the home environment by its mere presence.

4. Fusion of multiple elements

Blending together natural elements in your home but retaining modern details like fashionable furniture and eclectic details is very much possible. The overall decor scheme of this house has a unique fusion of bright colors with plenty of natural elements. A heady mix of organic materials have been applied here to create a modern living room with canvas lampshade, colorful cushions and lush plants both inside and outside that give you the feel of driving through the countryside with fragrance of fresh grass in your hair


5. Wooden elements

Nothing brings the feel of nature home in a city like raw unpainted wood furniture. Wooden details like hand-crafted bed, footstools, nightstands and in-wall wardrobes in this bedroom not only provide functionality but also add to its luxurious style. The wooden floor adds to this stylish bedroom's all natural look.

6. Natural fragrance

Artificial fragrances like room sprays, incense sticks and fresheners may smell good but they can never replace the enticing aroma of natural flowers and herbs. Plants in small hand painted bottles and planters like these around the house or kitchen can double up food ingredients and also bring natural fragrance into the house. As plants are natural filters they can also keep indoor air clean of unhealthy elements.

7. Nature inspired decor

Pearl of the Orient Geraldine Oliva Living room
Geraldine Oliva

Pearl of the Orient

Geraldine Oliva

Natural colors and prints on furnishings like sofas, chair, tablecloths, curtains, cushions etc can provide an interesting landscape within your house. Over a period of time make a collection of season relevant fabrics that match the season and comprise of slipcovers, curtains and throws. Details like warm knitted cushions for winter, light or sheer ones throws for summer that can be draped on sofas or tables can liven up your living space. Here the chairs shaped like flowers in lush green add to the overall ambiance of rugged simplicity.

8. Waterfall in the foyer

Fishes in open ponds and within aquariums are said to bring peace and serenity into the house according to Fengshui. What better way to decorate an empty foyer and bring a touch of natural beauty than a small waterfall? The soothing sound or gurgling water and colorful fish gamboling in the water is a sight to behold for sore eyes after a long day at work.

9. Natural fabrics

Blend your needs with the natural elements you admire. The various elements of different seasons and changes it brings to landscape around us can be brought into different rooms with products made of natural fabrics like rugs, throws, carpets, decor pieces and cushion covers. This is one of the most budget friendly interior decoration ideas to bring natural elements inside your home.

10. Statement wall

Nothing can bring nature as close to you as a statement wall like this which is a visual treat worthy of being admired every-time one walks in. An interesting variation of classic greenery across the wall is a perfect backdrop for neutral color palette of the bathroom. Though it requires a fair bit if landscaping and maintenance cost the effect of nature in bathroom is worthwhile.

If you like greenery too then here are some amazing indoor gardens for your home.

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Which of these ideas inspired you to try it out yourself? Do let us know in your comments below. 
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