Bless Your Home with these Amazing Kitchen Trends this 2020!

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Like almost any other corner of the house, your kitchen is one of the most important destinations you could actually be proud of. Whether it is that aromatic apple pie you bake or an extra cup of frothy latte in the morning, your kitchen is ideally the master corner of your house! Everything from delicious bakes, crispy fries, and mouthwatering grills happen here!

So why don't we start this 2020 with a gorgeous kitchen that speaks of your style and modern trends?! So today at Homify, we wish you a blissful 2020 with some of our amazing and chic kitchen trends to follow up this year

So what are you waiting for?! Grab yourself some coffee and scroll down the page to find out more!

1. Brush the Looks with Rich Marble Tiles

Do you want to get the feeling of walking in a dreamland filled with positive vibes and joyful decor? Well, then take a look at this gorgeous kitchen trend. A lavish kitchen such as this is made to look glorious and royal with chic tiles engraved with floral and creeper designs. While the marble runs throughout the cabinetry and the master cooking counter, it never forgets to add shades of richness to the entire kitchen. 

If you're looking forward to add some mystique beauty to your kitchen, then this trend might be very handy and creative!

2. The Dashing Aquarium-Style Cooking Paradise

Have you ever imagined of having a master aquarium in your kitchen. Well, some of us go with just a bowl and pair of goldfish to help us get more innovative with our kitchen decor. But this idea is a great trend that's going to make a very huge impact to your kitchen. A broad aquarium is wrought under the cooking counter where otherwise, you might think of installing a normal granite or marble slab. Supported by strong timber casings and crowned with an alignment of bar-style seats, this cooking counter is just too good to crown your kitchen with modish and innovative looks.

And did we forget to mention the fact that this is one of our favourite kitchen trends?!

3. Posh Lighting is all Your Need

Sometimes, a small change can make a big impact. Yes, we're talking about a minimal yet creative idea to pull off this 2020 with an eye-pecking kitchen trend. What more do you need than posh lighting that run through the random corners of your ceiling that overlooks the lavish kitchen space?!

To finish the looks, you can go for pastel shades on your wall, cabinets, and flooring materials. 

4. Vintage is all About Being Modern!

Island kitchen with breakfast counter Hoop Pine Interior Concepts Kitchen Wood Brown
Hoop Pine Interior Concepts

Island kitchen with breakfast counter

Hoop Pine Interior Concepts

Who said vintage is just that classic style that goes well with wine bottles, aromatic teak furniture, and artistic designs!? This 2020, you can give an all-new meaning of being the vintage way. And to start this year off to a wonderful beginning, all you need is some innovative yet old-fashioned materialization to go with your gorgeous kitchen. 

Play with some royal furniture while aligning all your essentials in a neat and clutter-free manner. The dark shaded materialization in your kitchen helps in bringing out the essence of classic taste. To finish the looks, go for a bright glass-chimed chandelier that overlooks the entire kitchen while you bake your favourite pudding or pie!

And don't forget to push in some classic wine bottles towards the corner shelf!

5. Snow White is in Your Kitchen!

3 BHK flat@ Sarjapur for Mr.Rahul Redpost Interiors Kitchen
Redpost Interiors

3 BHK flat@ Sarjapur for Mr.Rahul

Redpost Interiors

We all grew up listening to an old fairytale called Snow White who lived with 7 dwarves! Well, we're not talking about her in this concept! But to make the look more dramatic, all you need is a white-tinted kitchen that goes amazingly well with every bit of a material in your kitchen. Whether it is the cabinetry or the wall, you can master the looks by going for an all-white finish to crown the overall ambience with a royal touch. 

With a kitchen such as this, you would always have some reason or the other to keep stirring the pot!

6. Pastel Pastel Everywhere!

Pastel hues are not dull after all, especially when they are utilized in your kitchen. Kick-start your 2020 with a pastel-hued kitchen and enjoy the art of cooking. And not to forget, pastel hues are not only soothing to the eye, but also foster the space with mild yet chic beauty. 

To get the complete look of ultimate gorgeousness, choose mild pastel hues and finish the materialization with rich ceramic ware and wooden furniture.

7. Set Aside some Space for Technology

Few distractions are always welcome in the kitchen. And when we speak of distractions, how can we forget about your phone?! A table-mount for your Smartphone or tablet towards the corner of your washing area or cooking counter is a wonderful idea to make way for some distraction. With this idea by your side, you needn't always hold your phone while you stir your favourite soup. And you might even love trying new recipes by watching cooking videos or need an essential last-minute tip to add some garnishing-just make way for this minimal yet useful kitchen trend.

Make your 2020 a much better year with amazing kitchen trends. With amazing designs, innovative ideas, and the best professionals to seek help from, you needn't sigh any sign of a worry! 

Consult your kitchen planners right away..!

Look forward to making your 2020 an amazing year with some of our wonderful kitchen trends. Let us know which of these is your personal favourites..!

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