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10 Modern and Elegant Two Storey Homes

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Two-storey homes are an ideal choice, especially for large Filipino families. But when we talk about houses, we are definitely talking about the first impressions of these types of housing concepts. Whether it is a posh house entailed with luxurious patios or a beautiful one with enough space for lavish family-style living, you've got to know a bit more about two-storey houses.

So today at Homify, we are going to take you to a brief illustrative tour to our wonderful list of 10 elegant two-storey homes that are beyond your expectations!

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1. Perfect Squares and Symmetries!

A gorgeous two-storey house is too amazing, especially when it is boxed in a series of squares and perfect symmetries! With careful alignments and sleek lines, this trendy design comes with enough space that flaunts the true essence of modern architecture.

2. Modern House with an Edgy Twist

A slanting roof design is seamlessly fused with this lavish two-storey house design. While this concept highlights the dimensions of the exteriors with a twist, the complete look of the house is made to ensemble what we call as modern architecture! This idea also kills the thought of always opting for a terrace-style two-storey house!

3. The House that Goes Well with a Stunning Facade

A two-storey house can be transformed into a lavish paradise and that reason for that 'Voila!' statement from your guests! Do you have a doubt?! Well, take a look at the illustration here. This two-storey house is blessed with a stunning facade that creates magic for all your architectural aspirations. When you plan to go for an astounding concept like this, make sure to hire the best professional architects who are known for their architectural excellence and uncompromised services!

4. The Trendiest Design of the 21st Century!

Who doesn't love to own a house that's blessed with everything trendy and marvelled with completely out of the world ideas?! If you want an answer to this question, well, just take a look at this wonderful illustration. This house is a perfect example of architecture madness in its best form! A one-of-a-kind fusion of sturdy materials and creative design makes this two-storey house a unique piece architecture!

5. Perfect and Clean Lines

HOUSE EXTERIOR FACADE homify Modern home



Perfection is what every piece of architecture needs. And when it comes to a two-storey house such as the one in this illustration, you needn't compromise on its looks at all! The perfectly straight and polished edges of this house feature the real essence of architectural excellence in its true shades.

6. Why not Black?!

1107 Superville TA+P Design Lab
TA+P Design Lab

1107 Superville

TA+P Design Lab

We all know that black is the real beauty! And if you certainly ask this question whether black comes to play in architecture as well, then we have the answer—Definitely Yes! This two-storey house is structured with an edgy matte black wall that adds laurels to its wonderful facade. This design makes a powerful appeal to the homeowner while luring people to always throw a second stare at it!

7. Stone Accents Crown this Design

Any big or small addition made to architecture will make quite a big impact on its overall finish. While everything in this two-storey house's architecture falls in perfect place, there's something that adds a mesmerizing touch to its beauty. The accent stone wall is what we're talking about! This idea not only adds unique beauty to the building's facade, but also describes what modern architecture is all about!

8. Harmonious Materialization is Revived with Life




Two-storey houses are just amazing, especially when structured out of harmonious and rich materials. Take a look at the illustration here—this house has every reason to be that iconic house that's brushed with a resort-like finish. Whether it is that grand entrance or the rich choice of materials and shades, this two-storey house is definitely a great choice for lavish family-style living.

9. Modish Exterior Elements

Your home's exteriors give a perfect impression of the sort of person you are! In the illustration above, the design shares a strong and creative perspective of the homeowner. With its loud and clear design, this two-storey house surely flaunts the modish side of the resident in all the colourful shades of goodness!

10. Stunning Finish in the Metro!

Coming to the end of our 10 amazing modern and elegant two-storey homes, we present to you this stunning house brushed with utmost lavishness. This house is a perfect fusion of rich materials, facade, and harmonious exteriors. A gorgeous house such as this is a perfect choice for relaxed living amidst the busy honks of metro life!

Modern 3-Storey Residence with Roof Deck
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We bet that you are totally in love with these amazing two-storey homes! So which one is your favourite? Don't forget to keep us posted!
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