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10 Stunning Ideas for Your Next House Remodelling You Should See Now

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When it comes to remodelling our homes, we all have unbound dreams and artistic thoughts to polish our own small paradise. We give careful thoughts of adorning everything from our mighty walls to that deck in our garden!

So today at Homify, we are going to guide you with 10 stunning ideas to help you in your next house remodelling! 

1. Add an Element of Elegance with Posh Furnishing

Try to bring out the best out of each space in your abode. For instance, you can work on posh numbers in your living room by adding quality furniture.

To seamlessly fuse with the looks and concept, go for light-hued blinds and covers. Finishing the look with glass-chime chandeliers will make your remodelling dream complete with a touch of perfection!

2. Refurbish Your Guest Room Like Never Before

An extended room in your house can be effortlessly refurbished to be that wonderful guest room! Keep the decor minimal with the basic necessities crowned with picture-perfect bedding and furniture. 

Remodel the look with a few wall hangings, a meshed-rug, and a plush bed. Keeping lesser accessories actually flaunts the elegant space in the room. 

You can choose to fuse the looks with bright white lights and pearl-white blinds!

3. Smart Way of Utilizing all The Space

under stairs storage Geraldine Oliva Stairs
Geraldine Oliva

under stairs storage

Geraldine Oliva

You have a wood-glazed staircase on one peaceful corner of the house. Well, you can do wonders on this amazing series of steps in your heavenly abode.

Maybe not 'On' the staircase but 'Under' it! You can practically put to work all your innovative ideas in designing a spacious and sophisticated shoe rack below your staircase. 

This concept not only saves a lot of space, but also looks classy and perfect for your last-minute rush—especially when you know what lies where!

4. Rainproof Picnics Take a New Twist!

Have you ever dreamt of enjoying a cup of your favourite Latte while splattered with raindrops? Or maybe you could have even dreamt of bathing in the sun while lying on the couch! Well, with this amazing remodelling concept, you've got it all for real!

If you have a spacious veranda or patio in your backyard, you're in for this spectacular idea. With the help of your professional designers, raise a waterproof canopy on your veranda.

This wonderful idea paves the way for enjoying great time while shading your time with changing seasons! A unique concept such as this not only makes some extra space outside the house, but also looks as elegant as it sounds!

5. Change Your Kitchen into a Cooking Paradise

Black Galaxy Granite Kitchen Countertop in Bantayan Island Cebu Stone Depot Kitchen units Black
Stone Depot

Black Galaxy Granite Kitchen Countertop in Bantayan Island Cebu

Stone Depot

While your kitchen is the most important part of your house, you might be wondering how to remodel this dominant space.

Well, most of the time your kitchen smells of cooking and has all the mess around—but this isn't the reason to keep it away from getting beautified!

Play with some hues in your kitchen by adding patterned wall tiles of different shades and designs. This gives a colour-blocked effect to the entire ambience. Make sure your countertop is fully marble and ivory black-hued. 

Ask your designers to mount spacious and comfortable shelves and cabinets in your kitchen. This helps you to ace the looks while crowning your wonderful kitchen with a clutter-free look.

6. Invade all that Empty Space

Refurbishing a major part of your abode such as the drawing or living room makes an impact on the other corners as well.

To start with the looks, go for dominating colours such as red, saffron, and wood brown. You can go for brightly-coloured rugs, cushions, and showpieces to steal the look. You can definitely ask your painter to disguise the walls with a pearl-white matte finish for that gorgeous royal look. 

To complete the finish, get rid of the wooden grills on your staircase and refurbish it with crystal clear toughened glass.

7. Your Balcony is now a Trendsetter!

A spacious balcony can be remodelled to your favourite venue for romantic evening talks or relaxation on a weekend!

Refurbish your balcony with bamboo-meshed sofas and push in some soft white cushions to finish the looks. You can go for contrasting walls—ask your designers to glaze the walls with a patterned finish.

Crown the balcony with sheeted roofs for that extra comfort and protection, especially during rains and scorching summers. 

Finish the look with few indoor plants potted in big ceramic containers at cornered distances.

8. Your Staircase Could be the Reason for Envious Looks!

While you are busy remodelling each and every corner of your house with utmost care, do not forget to run your creativity on your stairs as well!

A glass-railed staircase such as this is a new sensation for a modern house such as the one you're trying to refurbish. You can go ahead and ceil one side of the staircase with crystal clear glass-paned wall. 

With the help of your architects, get this delicate piece of work done effortlessly and look forward to amazing comments from your guests. And of course, you might get to experience a lot of envy from your neighbours!

9. Flaunt Your Backyard with An Essence of Decor

Tagaytay Southridge Estates TG Designing Corner Modern style gardens
TG Designing Corner

Tagaytay Southridge Estates

TG Designing Corner

Your backyard has some space left and you are sure of not wasting this opportunity in remodelling the looks. The space in your backyard might be compact, but it can be made elegantly attractive by adding a few elements. 

Glaze the floors in your backyard patio with a wood-tile effect. Mount a small ceiling fan above that gorgeous cup-mesh swing. To finish the look, you can add a soft cushion to get yourself seated for relaxed evenings. 

If you have leftover bits of tiles and marble, you can ask your architect to build a small outdoor fountain in your backyard. You can swim in some fish into this fountain and enjoy the whole view of it!

10. Ace the Looks with Wood and Glass

Adding new elements to your house while remodelling can be a tedious task. But trust us; it is going to be interesting and overwhelming too! 

While you have carefully implemented your creative concept to your living room, there's something more that can be added. Add a majestic wood finish to your staircase and the ceiling adjacent to it. This look not only adds a contemporary touch, but also makes the room look spacious and attractive. 

To ace the looks, go for crystal-chime chandeliers above that gorgeous glass-box table!

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