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​The Duplex That’s Just Delightful

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윤성하우징 Modern home
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Here on homify 360°, we pride ourselves on bringing you varied architectural creations – cottages, mansions, apartments, offices… anything that strikes a posh pose, is high in aesthetic value, or gives us stylish food for thought. 

Today we travel all the way to South Korea, where architectural firm Yunsung Housing took on a duplex. A duplex house is a dwelling having apartments with separate entrances for two households. This includes two-story houses having a complete apartment on each floor, which is exactly what we’ll be discovering today. 

But don’t dare imagine that ‘duplex’ means space-pressed and bland: our discovery for today makes up 64.46 square metres (when combining the top- and bottom floors), and flaunts a delectable style that is modern, welcoming, and overall delightful.

Aesthetically pleasing

Not only was the house designed to meet the needs of the separate clients, it also projects a neat and proper vision. In most cases, small modern houses are a neat combination of rectangular shapes fused together to form different spaces. Not in this case. From the outside, the facade already announces that this is no ordinary residence – look at that unique half-sloping roof, which seems to change direction halfway to slant in a completely different direction, resulting in a house that seems to be a splicing together of two different residences. Could it be a subtle way to inform the outsider that the house does, in fact, perform the function of two different houses for two different families? 

The facade has a crisp white stucco finish, portraying a clean and tidy image. And we just love that fact that the window frames were given dark colours, making them stand out most beautifully against the pale surface of the house.

Two separate worlds

Although the duplex houses two separate ‘homes’, so to speak, it does its best to provide privacy to each family. For example, notice the door on the far left side – that is the entrance to the staircase that leads to the top floor, serving as the main entrance for the family that occupies that space. 

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Ground floor entrance

Likewise, the family that occupies the bottom floor have their own separate entrance, which is this door that has a slightly more elongated porch than the other door. Also, this entrance is slightly more secluded, vaguely wedged in-between the two volumes that make up the house. 

Notice the striking contrast achieved by adding the timber coating to the overhang – not just in colour (white, grey, and warm honey brown), but also in texture and material. 

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An open area

It’s time to see the interiors, and we tackle the bottom floor first. Open-floor plans really work a treat, especially when spaces are a bit limited in terms of legroom. Here the living room, dining room and kitchen share a seamless area that makes for comfortable and easy living.

Doing its part superbly to help along the visual space is the colour palette – clean and pale tones form a light and bright interior, with downlighters sparkling delightfully to add more softness to the space. 

To interrupt the monotony of the pale tones ever so slightly, dark furniture was added – that striking black couch, for example, makes for one very effective focal point.

Light and bright

In terms of lighting, the ground floor really has no cause for complaint. Artificial lighting sparkles and dazzles on seemingly every corner, while windows and glass sliding doors ensure that sufficient natural lighting will effectively reach the insides – when the weather allows for it, of course. 

Here we see the entryway placed in the space between the porch and living room, wedged in-between two sliding doors, with a storage closet (complete with French doors) placed at the end of it.

Stepping up in style

Just because the ground floor (and we believe the top floor) has been designed with stylish colours and decor, it does not mean that no effort can be put into the staircase. And luckily, we discover that it boasts a meticulous design that is both striking and inspiring.  

We love the subtle contrast created by combining the wooden steps/floor with the steel railing, yet both portray a calm and tranquil vibe thanks to their respective hues.

The top floor

We’ve reached the top floor, and are delighted to discover that the same winning recipe for the downstairs rooms (sandy laminate flooring, light grey walls, twinkling downlighters) was repeated here. And to welcome natural light inside, a generous window was added to the one wall, giving the residents a fantastic view of the surrounding cityscape. 

Flaunting the same open space and free-flowing area, the top floor does not hold back at all when it comes to vision and style. And thanks to the neutral interior palette, decor and furniture in any colour (from cool blues and greens to warm reds and oranges) will look simply scrumptious.

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