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A recliner is something that can be a place to sit alone or with family. They really do come in a large array of designs, from single seaters to whole sofas. There doesn't have to be a fight for who gets to sit in the recliner, because everyone can.

There is a lot to be said for a single recliner too. A place of solitude to read, reflect or even just relax. Made from anything from just wood to luxurious leather, a recliner can be made from just about anything. We have selected some of our favourites to give you an idea of the variety available to you. Whether it is for your living room, bedroom or library area, a recliner can make a room feel complete.

Naturally recline

We love these no frills looking recliners. There is nothing fancy about these, no hidden electronics to help you recline, no Italian leather, just a stripped back affair. But don't be fooled by their looks because they are rather special. Made using natural wood, they are incredibly strong. Wood is also deceivingly comfortable too, because it is much more flexible than we may think. It will bend with our movements. When you want to lie back, just do so and the wood will move with you. The minimalist look of these recliners is lovely, but you can always add a cushion or throw for a splash of colour.

A bit of luxury

Recliners can be perfect for the garden or the living room. We think this recliner is somewhere we would see ourselves sitting and relaxing at the end of a hard day. This has the ability to look like a normal sofa when you have guests, and when they go, you get to transform it into somewhere to chill out. Simply press the button and go from seated to reclined in a matter of seconds. 

Recline in colour

Recliners, like any sofa, don't have to be black or brown. We love the boldness of this three seater recliner. As you can see from the image, it has four positions. The first is seated upright, but then you have the option of three reclining positions, from slightly to fully. It is also a stylish looking sofa that is very modern looking. The headrests are fully adjustable as well, making this recliner a fantastic option if you don't want to fight over who gets the reclining spot.

In the garden

Recliners can often be found outside. Usually on a beach somewhere warm. But why wait to go on holiday to get that feeling? Here we have a lovely relaxing swinging recliner. Imagine lying here in the shade or the sun reading a book, and we can guarantee you would feel relaxed. If the sun is beating down too hard, you simply move the shade on the top to cover yourself and sway away. Made from wood and in natural looking colours, it would fit well in any garden space, be it on grass or decking.

A nook

A reading nook is the ideal spot for a recliner. What isn't there to like about this space and this recliner? We love the look of the chair and matching foot stool. The black leather and wood really contrast the white walls and the light floor. Sat next to a window, it is in the idea spot for contemplation.

Back in black

It doesn't really come more reclined than this. This sofa is designed for maximum comfort whilst you recline on it. The leather looks soft and inviting, whilst the quilted effect gives the feeling of indulgence. It is the perfect space for watching a movie with someone you love, as you recline together. Black won't always work as a colour choice in small spaces, but the sleek design of this sofa make it an option for a lot of rooms.

Beautifully modern

Black is a very common colour option, because black, literally, does go with everything. This recliner is made from a very soft leather, as you can see in the image, it just moves with the chair. It can be fully upright for a more formal look, or you can sink back into this deep relined position for maximum comfort.

Sauna time

Bespoke Glass steam and sauna - Effegibi Equipment Steam and Sauna Innovation Modern bathroom
Steam and Sauna Innovation

Bespoke Glass steam and sauna —Effegibi Equipment

Steam and Sauna Innovation

We have looked at reclining in the home and in the garden, so now it is time to look at somewhere a little different. Designed by Steam and Sauna Innovation, this sauna is beautiful and stunning. The recliners are built into the design, giving the user the option to sit or recline at their own will. The glass surrounding the sauna can be tinted to give a much more private experience too.

Wonderful white

Canary Wharf Living Room Primrose Interiors Living room
Primrose Interiors

Canary Wharf Living Room

Primrose Interiors

In contrast to the black leather recliners we have seen so far (and to the black seat with the foot stool above), we wanted to show a lighter and whiter option. White leather isn't the most practical option for a lot of homes, but if you want a slightly more luxury look in your living room, then this is an option. Both chic and stylish, it is comfortable and practical too. The white leather really contrasts the wooden veneer in the chair and it adds to the modern look.

A home cinema

What a way to end your day! Imagine having the space for a home cinema? And if you do have space for this luxury, then of course the chairs have to recline. This is a state of the art space with a ceiling projector and red leather reclining chairs. Kick back and relax with your friends, family and favourite film. A lovely way to end a hard week.

Casas inHAUS Modern home

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