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6 Brilliant Ideas for a Cozy Living Room

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by Egue y Seta Rustic
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Your living room is the first and most important space in your home that immediately goes to set an impression on what to expect inside. It reflects you and your style in more ways than you think. It car be a great place to unwind after a long hard day at work. It can be a perfect haven to hang out with friends on a Saturday afternoon.

Making your living room cosy and comfortable can make your home a happy place. All you need is to pay attention to detail when choosing what to keep and what to let go.

“Cozification” – a new word that you can define for yourself is how you blend style and functionality to create a space that is just right for your needs. It begins with your couch and ends with the books on your wall and everything in between that makes you want to lounge in and relax, be it soothing music or a terrarium.

Choose the right material

Living room materials for furniture and accessories can come in a variety of ranges but what we need is to check how they flow into each other and the rest of the home décor. Wood finish flooring, stone tiles and wooden furniture give the feeling of being closer to nature. Velvet or suede finish couches with double padded mattress make a cozy and comfortable seating. Extra large cushions in soft cotton finishes can make any corner cozy. A mix of light and heavy cotton curtains with interesting tiebacks can keep the breeze flowing on a hot summer day or keep the cold at bay on a cold winter morning.

When choosing materials for your living room décor, go for soft and smooth finished items that can combine elegance and comfort.

Get the perfect colour combination

Colours play a huge role in defining our comfort level in the room. They elevate our mood, set the tone as soon as you enter the room. For colours that can create a cosy look, we would definitely recommend going for an eclectic design style that allows you to mix and match styles easily. This style allows you to have neutral walls and draw attention with décor colours.

Having plain white walls gives a lot of room to play with defining colours in your home décor. Alternatively, you can have one textured wall in a colour of your choice to highlight the central focus of the room. For example, you can use a persuasive colour on the wall you mount your television. You can also create a flow of colours from your rug to your cushions to your bookshelf to create an effect of carelessly put together matching elements.

Checkout the vibrant decor by London-based interior decorators Interior Desires.

Buy the most suitable textile

The moment we think of cozification, the first thing that comes to our mind is soft fabric where we can feel the comfort. The textiles you choose for your couches, curtains and rugs are a defining factor in giving a cozy look to your living space. When you hang curtains from the ceiling to the floor, it gives a sense of shutting the world out to create your private space.

Similarly, a suede leather couch with extra padding and space to put up your feet can give a very inviting feel. Adding a cuddly throw over a couch or recliner instantly amps up the cozy factor.

Lastly, nothing says cozy home like fur. Use faux fur for your throws, rugs or even as seating cushions to incorporate fuzz in your room.

Add the candles

modern  by Ziggiziggi, Modern

Table Toplight Candle Holder


Candles symbolize warmth, energy and light in your personal space. It elevates your living room’s visual appeal and invigorates you with scented accents. Candles also act as a personal statement accessory that can change the mood of the room.

When using candles, do think where you will be placing them without worrying about an errant breeze and out of children’s reach. Also, when you have multiple candles going, think of how you will manage to catch the wax without harming your fabric or furniture.

Get an exaggerated candle stand to draw attention to this piece of décor. If possible, create a nook for your candles right next to your single couch or recliner, making it your comfort corner in the room.

Make the most of the lighting

The right lighting in your living room attracts attention to certain areas and elements you want highlighted without screaming for attention. Here are a few things you can do:

Natural lighting: During the day, natural light brings a sense of freshness to a room. If your room is flooded with light, you can use curtains to bring down the effect as the day goes by and the effects of sunlight change

Create task lighting spaces: Switched on only when in the area, task lighting helps add a highlight to a particular space. For example, you can have a reading light next to your comfy recliner or an overhead light right over your central seating space. 

Add ascent lighting: Use special lights on walls and floors to highlight décor in the room. For example, you may have curated murals or artifacts that deserve their own light 

Add dimmers: Both a romantic and cosy addition to your living space, install dimmers to change to tone and mood instantly. Coloured lighting: Blue, yellow and red lights all serve a different purpose working to ascent the temperature and tone of a room. You can use different combinations when having a romantic dinner date or a relaxing night with your friends. 

Hang string lights: Though this may sound a bit jazzed up, hang string lights around your light, transparent curtains to create a warm and cozy feel.

And finally, accessorize

The best accessories to make your living room feel like a cosy home are family photos. Create a photo wall and dedicate it to showcase fun family moments from vacations, events, milestones or simply the laughter and joy you share. Create a structure around the frames you choose.

You can also add plants in different corners, especially those like tall bamboo that adds a green, cozy and natural touch to your space.

When moving from season to season, you don’t have to break your wallet to redefine your living room décor. A little rug here, a little candle there and you are all set for the year ahead!

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