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​Must-haves for your garden

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What makes a good morning a great one? A strong cup of coffee? The realisation that it’s the weekend and you don’t have to rush off to work? Or how about all of the above?

Now, picture yourself rising from your peaceful slumber on a sunny Saturday, and taking your expertly brewed cup of personality booster outside, and enjoying a sit-down amongst the beautiful and scenic wonders that is your garden. It’s just you, your coffee, the flower's pretty faces and the chirping of birds… now THAT’S how one starts the day. 

But since this is homify, allow us to make a few suggestions regarding that dream garden of yours. Whether you prefer roses or tulips, there are a few key ingredients that can make any good garden a great one. 

Read on to see what they are…

Space for relaxation

Gardening is not just about watering plants and plucking weeds. Granted, if you want to enjoy a gorgeous exterior space, these (and more) activities are non-negotiable. But let’s think ahead, to a time when all of your gardening priorities are up to date and you have some time to fill. Wouldn’t you want to spend it in a space that allows you to enjoy the beauty of your handiwork? After all, you deserve it for taking such good care of it. 

Of course! So, how does this garden hut by Nubuiten.Nl above grab you?  This unique mix that is somewhere between a cottage and a pergola provides ample space for you to have a sit-down, either by yourself and a cup of tea, or with the family for an al fresco dining experience. The closed roof means not having to worry about rain or sunstroke – and just see how stunning that caramel-toned timber contrasts with the lush greenery of the garden.

Alive with possibilities

What’s a garden without lush plants and colourful flowers? Any space worthy of the name “garden” should be teeming with life, and that usually comes in the shape of trees, flowers, herbs, grasses and a host of other photosynthesising life forms. Only then does a garden become truly alive. 

There is something extraordinary about walking among rows of flowers and plants, and knowing that they are alive and growing – and that you are responsible for keeping them as beautiful as they currently are. And since flowers are available in just about every colour of the rainbow, there’s no excuse not to add a bit of vivacity or playful tones to your garden space. 

So, the first on our must-have list for a great garden: beautiful plants and flowers!

Practical purposes

Well done for taking such good care of your garden. But don’t think that it’s simply there to be worked on and enjoyed occasionally. Since it offers up space, why not employ it for practical purposes? 

Case in point, adding a wall structure, complete with panelled flooring and shelves, which allows you to store wood (either for barbecuing or the winter), display your potted plants, place your herb collection, and a host of other equally useful functions. Now you have a place to store that barbecue set whose delicious food you and your family will be enjoying under your new garden pergola!  

The wall and floor allows you to inject a design style of your choice (i.e. rustic, modern, Mediterranean) that can look quite striking in your garden space, particularly if you opt for painting them.

Include some H20

You already have two of the four natural elements as permanent fixtures in your garden, so why not add a third? Water adds a serene quality to any space – just ask the beach lovers. 

There is something magical about the soft flows of water bubbling out of a fountain; something mysterious about the rippling surface of a pond. It’s quite mesmerising, so is that not enough reason to include it in your garden? 

Whether you opt for a fountain or a pond (or a water feature that is something uniquely in-between) is up to you. But since you've added one in, you may as well lay some wooden planks for a neat little terrace, scatter a few pebbles for artistic effect, and erect two loungers. And there you have your unique little lounging spot to enjoy the calming effect that that water feature will undoubtedly have on your senses.

Have a seat

Since your garden has become such a hot spot for beauty and relaxation, chances are you are going to want to show it off to friends and guests – which means that you’re going to want to include some decent seating options. 

Here is where you have to let your creativity (and budget) guide you. Your garden will already have its unique “look” and “feel” that will tell you which seating options are advisable (and also in which style). Comfy contemporary loungers? Or something a bit more upright in a rustic style? Perhaps you want to include a table for when the gossiping gets real serious (where else are we going to put those wine glasses?). 

And, of course, a table introduces the ideal surface for a whole new set of decorative objects, like potted plants or charming trinkets.

Let there be light

Just because your garden looks stunning draped in sunlight, doesn't mean you can ignore the possibility of adding artificial lighting. After all, what about those garden strolls after dusk? Or for when you are hosting one of your fabulous exterior dining sessions? 

Garden lights are more than just illumination elements – they are important décor elements that can highlight the prime beauty of your and Mother Nature’s combined handiwork. And just like everything else in life, you have a choice of shape, size, colour, style, etc. 

So, what will it be? A glowing sphere highlighting your garden path? Fairy lights draped over a tree? Or how about flower- and bird-shaped lights that twinkle throughout your garden, transforming it into a midnight wonderland? 

Allow us to make a few suggestions in terms of: Lovely Garden Lights.

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