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​Wise spending: Our top kitchen renovation ideas

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Nobody wants a neglected, visually displeasing space in their house, especially not when said space is of a social kind, like the heart of the home: the all-important kitchen. And fortunately, if one’s existing house doesn’t have a dream cooking space, all it takes is a seasoned kitchen planner to turn that situation around via a kitchen renovation

But before you start picking out cabinetry surfaces, keep in mind that a kitchen renovation is an opportunity to re-examine your culinary zone, instead of just replacing it. Never list “tear it all out” as the first option; instead, rather ask if the addition of a window or the breaking down of one wall is adequate for a dream kitchen.   

And seeing as no renovation project comes for free, we’ve highlighted some facts to keep in mind that can help you spend your money more wisely.

1. Kitchen renovation tips: The costs

Nobody wants to keep a tight budget in mind, but the fact remains that one should be clever with one’s spending and avoid overcapitalising. Our recommendations?  

  1. Call an estate agent for advice on how much your home may be worth and how much a kitchen renovation might add to its value. 
  2. Study kitchen- and remodelling magazines to see what is considered modern for kitchens these days.  
  3. Explore financing options for cabinetry and appliances (for example, no interest for 6 months) 
  4. Search for little DIY tasks that can help cut costs (like painting cabinetry, etc.).

2. Kitchen renovation tips: To add or to ignore

More space is atop many people’s lists, especially when it comes to their cooking- and dining areas. But before you knock out walls, weigh the cost of the extra space vs. either saving the money you would have spent on an addition or investing some of that money into better cabinets or more modern appliances instead.

☞homify hints

  1. Think about what you really want with this kitchen renovation. Is it really more legroom or is it for a lighter, brighter, more functional kitchen space? 
  2. See where you can combine existing rooms before adding extensions. For example, you might tear down one or two walls and make your living areas share a layout with your new super-functional kitchen space.  
  3. Always share your thoughts with a certified kitchen planner or architect. They can share their thoughts and experience to help reconfigure the walls, the ceiling, or the windows to make a kitchen space feel larger without the expense of adding a new room.

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3. Kitchen renovation tips: The existing layout

Most kitchen planners agree that the best way of spending your renovation money is to keep the current layout of your kitchen. But that doesn’t mean that every new cabinet must be in the exact same location as old ones. 

Where you can really cut costs is by leaving major systems such as plumbing, gas, electric, and heating intact. Changing up your entire layout could mean more expenses such as:

  1. Additional water lines for sinks, dishwashers, etc.  
  2. Moving gas piping for a cooktop or oven 
  3. Re-routing heating and air conditioning ductwork 
  4. Updating wiring for wall switches 
  5. Adding wiring for recessed ceiling lights, sconces, or under-cabinet lights.

4. Kitchen renovation tips: More light

Updating your kitchen’s lighting plan can already make a huge difference to how you perceive the space. If, like most older kitchens, yours has only one or two ceiling lights and a tiny window over the sink, then it’s definitely time for a kitchen renovation! Consider the following solutions: 

  1. Replace old windows and doors with larger, more beautiful new ones that will let in more light (i.e. French doors, bi-fold glass ones). They could even link up your kitchen with outdoor areas, like a patio or garden.   
  2. Use layers of light – recessed lighting, under-cabinet lights, pendant fixtures, etc.—to create a dramatic effect with more lighting options. 
  3. Considering glass-front cabinets? Why not drop mini-spots through the top so you can light up a display of beautiful glassware?  
  4. Put lights on dimmer switches so you can control the amount of light throughout the day. 
  5. Locate switches in convenient locations, such as at each entrance to the space. Locate outlets according to local codes. And if you hate breaking up your beautiful backsplash with light switches, you may be able to have them installed in the bottom of your cabinets, out of sight.

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