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10 amazing two-story houses for families

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Two-story houses are certainly the go-to choice for any large Filipino family. When two-story houses have become a norm in the Filipino setting, how does one actually stand out from the rest? First impressions definitely leave a mark on anyone's mind, that's why a house's exterior elements and facade design matter the most. Stand out and outshine with these top 10 picks!

1. Edgy details

While most houses seen in subdivisions and residential properties look all similar with one another, this house design refuse to adapt with the crowd. An ounce edgier compared to typical two-stories, this cool layout by Garra + Punzal Architects features a slanting roof design that adds dimension to the exteriors. 

2. Perfect set of squares

Of course, squares, rectangles, and anything parallelogram are the perfect epitomes to best describe a modern architectural facade. Offering sleek lines and forms, this trendy design shows off the perfect set of shapes that exude modern style. 

3. Stunning facade

If you're asking yourself, How do I make a grand impression from my guests?, then this is the answer -- a stunning facade. Invest on hiring a professional architect like Neil Tabada in Cebu City, who also designed this stunning house, and have him or her create magic for your architectural aspirations. 

4. Out-of-this-world design

Attaining a certain curb appeal is the ultimate pleasure for any homeowner. What better way to do this than getting out of the box with the trendiest designs in the 21st century? Just check out this striking house design -- it's good madness in one picture! The house is built with the sturdiest of materials in the market, and the most complex yet smartest concepts of design. 

5. Black is beauty

1107 Superville TA+P Design Lab
TA+P Design Lab

1107 Superville

TA+P Design Lab

Black is certainly beauty. Even a small touch of black creates the perfect contrast to a light or neutral palette. This edgy-looking facade features a strong, matte black as its main exterior walls. It speaks a powerful appeal to the homeowners home, which instantly lures people to stop and stare at it. 

6. Clean lines

HOUSE EXTERIOR FACADE homify Modern home



Clean lines are what every modern house needs. The perfectly straight and polished edges showcase a pure modern approach to the architectural design of the house. 

7. Stone touches

Another way to make your facade stand out from the rest is adding touches of other strong materials to the design. Big or small additions, either way is a huge factor in boosting a home's curb appeal too. For example, an accent wall made of stone or brick immediately makes the exteriors a lot more beautiful!

8. Strong and modish

Your home's exterior elements also speak a lot about your character. Pictured above, this design shares us the strong and edgy personality of the homeowner. It's loud and clear that the homeowner aims to create a super sleek and modish feel of the home. 

9. Striking exteriors

We can't get enough of more striking exteriors! Another on our list is this stunning beauty in the metro. It offers us a perfect blend of materials such as concrete, wood, brick, and stone that seamlessly shine as one finished product! It even gives us a sneak peek of its expected awesome interiors (given that the long drape curtains accent the glass windows).

10. Harmonious set of materials




To finish off our set of exceptional two-story house designs, this last one just blows our mind right away. Providing us with a resort-like grand entrance, the facade features an amazing and smart use of building materials. 

Can't get enough of these pictures? Find out more ideas here!

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