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Project renovation: A dull and lifeless home gets a makeover!

Lei Adrienne Segovia—Homify Lei Adrienne Segovia—Homify
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Home renovations are always so exciting! There's something about before and after pictures that tickle the interior designer in you and make you want to redecorate your current residence too. Feeling like you need some inspiration from home renovation ideabooks? You've come to the right place!

Today at Homify, we've prepared a total makeover project for a dull and boring property that's turned into a modern and sophisticated home. Check out the pictures and below!

Before: The front entrance and garage area

Hoarded with old and unused furniture, this garage area turned out more like a cluttered junkyard; and acting as a front entrance, you wouldn't also think that this area would set a good first impression to your guests. Certainly, this sad-looking family home needs a serious retouch of designs and organization. 

Before: The living room

Going inside, you can see the potential the interiors have when it comes to space. The living room is very spacious yet it is also very bland and boring. Neutral colors are supposed to show off the understated sophistication in any home, but this palette just turned the room lifeless. 

Before: The kitchen

The kitchen area is also surprisingly wide and open-spaced. It looks okay from this angle, given that there's a nice amount of task and accent lighting to the room, but things could still be better. It's not bad, but it's also not great. 

Before: The bedroom

Nothing could look more gloomy than this dull bedroom design. Clearly, the homeowner has forgotten what it's like to have a decent and stylish-looking bedroom. After all it's you lair, so why settle with below-average standards? Things are definitely about to get serious with the redecorating. 

Before: The bathroom

Again, why settle with mediocrity? These bathroom tiled walls are way too bland and monotonous for a modern home. The racks are also simple and unnoticeable. The overall interior design is just uninteresting. But not to worry -- a little touch-up of materials, paint, lighting, and designs here and there should do the trick. 

After: The front entrance and garage area

If you think that this is a different home model, then you got it all wrong. Lo and behold, say hello to the chic and modish transformation of the dull and cluttered front entrance you saw earlier! Gone are the plywood panels painted in white and now stealing the spotlight are these rustic bricked walls. And by spotlight, we mean the lovely lighting touches that provide a shadow effect to the room!

After: The living room

No, you're not in a hotel lobby nor in a 5-star restaurant's reception. Redesigned into a high-class, luxurious style, this living room is truly a gem in the house. The dark and earthy colors resemble a very strong character in the interiors, and the choice of furniture and lighting are very detailed. Just look at those lighting fixtures on the ceiling, aren't they works of art?

After: The kitchen area

The designer of this newly redecorated home space truly made use of the wide space it has. The big, white cabinet on the left side is now replaced with a rustic wooden piece of furniture. A chunk of the kitchen countertop is replaced wit a sleek refrigerator. Also, the boring cabinetry is now upgraded to a more stylish set of cabinets. Even the pendant lights are replaced to complete the overall strong look of the kitchen.

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After: The bedroom

Is this the boring bedroom we saw earlier? Surprisingly, yes! The luxury feel of the house continues to the more personal areas of the residence, including this Master's bedroom. The element of wood is well-featured here, and a white and brown palette is showcased.

After: The bathroom

Say goodbye to old, white tiles and say hello to concrete and wooden bathroom interiors! As sleek as the other parts of the house, this stylish bathroom screams pure sophistication! 

Bonus: A refreshing terrace spot!

This property even has an outdoor terrace! Built with a glass sliding door to separate rooms, this terrace spot brings in natural light to the room and even provides a breath of fresh air, literally!

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