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8 bathroom storage ideas that are easy and stylish

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We all know that most bathrooms may be little in space compared to the other rooms of the house, but it should never be a reason to have all your bathroom essentials all over the place! Bathrooms should be neat and tidy, regardless of the size dimensions, and the key to that are good storage solutions to keep all the valuables stored in style. Cabinets are great options, of course, but what else can you as a homeowner do to style up your storage? Check out these 8 easy ideas for spicing up your bathroom storage!

1. Multiple storage bins and baskets

Stop hiding your storage units and start showing them off as decorative elements of the bathroom! This clean and fresh bathroom design by LITTLE NEST WORKS features cream-colored storage bins aligned vertically that ties up with the bathroom's color palette. A rattan laundry basket is also seen as a potential decorative component because of its natural material and neutral hues. 

2. Innovative hidden storage

Take a step closer to interior innovation with this up-to-trend bathroom design! This bathroom table surprisingly has a hidden storage inside. Use it as a countertop where you can do your make-up and at the same time, open it for a stylish surprise where your bathroom essentials are kept. 

3. Cute and stylish hung baskets

To add a little cuteness to your bathroom, consider this stylish idea. Pictured above, small baskets are hung on the hooks where you can simply store small bathroom essentials such as make-up brushes, small lotions and cleansers, or hygienic products. 

4. Hidden behind the vanity mirror

A very common storage idea in any bathroom is the hidden drawer behind the vanity mirror. It can either be hinged in one side, or slid through a sliding mirror like in this sample above.

5. Shelves for display and storage

Sometimes, storage isn't only meant to be stored away and kept hidden, but storage can also be a means for decor and display. Building a set of shelves made of the same material and palette with the bathroom walls and other components creates a seamless unison with all the elements. This is the perfect way to display clean bathroom towels, essentials, beauty products along with some decorative pieces such as potted succulents, scented candles, and even small photographs. 

6. Hidden under the tub

Another smart and innovative storage solution is installing a small room for bathroom essentials beneath the bathtub! This stylish tub design by Muebles Flores Torreblanca features a sliding door on one side, hiding a compartment for storage. Stylish and convenient!

7. Spice up with colors

Transform your ordinary cabinets and shelves into a work of art by playing with shapes and structures, and by painting them with bold, striking colors! This bathroom design showcases a great use of squares in different sizes and in different colors of cyan, mustard yellow, and white. It gives us a contemporary approach to interior designing. 

8. Stylish hanging hooks

Rods and hooks can never be out of style when it comes to decorating your bathroom for storage. Simply used to hang valuables essential in the bathroom, hooks can be very stylish depending on the materials and colors used. This bathroom design boasts its rustic wooden hooks over a bright fuchsia wall, creating a contrast of styles. 

Now that you have ideas to style up your storage units, check out these 6 brilliant ways to hide the washing machine in a bathroom!

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