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8 elevated houses suited in the Philippines

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The country's topography is naturally designed to be in the flood zone, which is why it is very beneficial to design and build a house leveled inches above the ground. Most coastal areas are prone to this disadvantage, and if you're living in these areas, you're lucky to check out our feature today. 

Elevated houses, whether they're small bungalows or lavish two-story family homes, are ideal for the Philippines since it is always battered by heavy rains and storms. Here are some of the house designs that you might be interested to pattern your ideal house. 

1. Wooden house on top of concrete mix

This home model features a sturdy dark maple wooden house seated on a concrete base which is walled with stonework. The elevation has a good height suitable for lowland areas. Plus, this wooden house has another benefit to the homeowners: A good natural insulator. The element of wood in houses definitely cools off the interiors of the home from the harsh, hot temperature of the country. Save it from floods, save it from the unbearable heat!

2. Wooden stilts

Elevated houses can vary in terms of the materials of their foundations. This specific home model designed by ATELIER N uses thick and short wooden stilts as the house's base. This house is leveled in various forms too -- dimensions are created as seen with the elevated right wing and the flat left wing. Nevertheless, the house is a perfect family home for homeowners living in the city. 

3. A wooden porch

Wood is an abundant building material in the Philippines, which is why it has turned out to be an all-time favorite by any homeowner! This all-wooden home features hues of wood in dark tones and varieties of wood from maple, oak to mahogany. 

A cozy and homely front porch is featured in this lovely family home. It's just the perfect addition that provides warmth to the home!

4. Elevated, painted concrete

Concrete bases don't have to be all plain and grey. Paint your entire exterior walls, but don't miss out the elevated structure! This bright and airy design features a blueish palette that includes a teal painted base part. Functional and pretty in colors!

5. A small elevation goes a long way

Elevated houses don't have to meters above the ground too, a short rise from ground level should be good enough just to promote a taller height to your deck. Take a cue from this design -- a wooden base of approximately 10 inches goes a long way with helping protect the house during heavier rainfalls. 

6. A stylish front patio

Decks and elevated structures of the house surely provide the convenience for the homeowners during rainy periods, but why not spice up these areas too? This stylish and fun home model features a spacious area that can be turned into a patio! Throw some seating furniture there, beautify it with an eye-catching plant, and you got yourself a refreshing area to unwind and relax. 

7. Flourish with plants

Another stylish tip to prettify your bland elevated bases other than coating with a fun color is to simply decorate it with some greenery! Ambienta Arquitetura beautifully flourished this stunning home model with creeping plants to hide the wooden stilts of the elevated house. Smart and striking!

8. A simple elevated deck

Keep your elevated house design sleek and simple like this Japanese-inspired home model. The neutral palette of creams and greys all ties up perfectly with the conventional building materials of the exteriors. The elevated part, specifically, is made up of plywood painted in grey to achieve the sleek yet lightweight design of the home. 

If you're thinking about making a new home by the coast, check out these 6 top tips for buying seaside properties in the Philippines!

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