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19 lovely designing ideas for your dining room

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The dining room is clearly the heart of the house. Whether you're living with your partner, your friends, or with a huge family, the dining room always sets the mood for social gatherings and special bonding moments. Sure, it's the place where you eat your meals three times a day but it's more than just a dining area -- it's actually a great way to express your interior designing style and creativity! Get some great tips on designing your dining room in this ideabook!

Wood and White

Wooden features that mix and match with the purity of white somehow exudes a classic touch to any room. The warmth of wood blends perfectly with the crisp color of white. Check out this dining room design -- the wooden floors, dining table, and accent wall work seamlessly with the white painted stairs, chairs, ceiling, kitchen area, and pendant lightings. 

Colorful accents

Play a little fun game with colors in your casual dining room setting! This pretty dining room design by Marcello Gavioli boasts its colorful pillows that stand out from the rest of the elements.

Pendant lightings

Speaking of pendant lightings, they are just awesome finishing touches to any room, especially the dining room. Imagine having an intimate dinner with a loved one or a cozy family dinner out in the porch with dainty lighting fixtures that flourish the ceiling. 

Black and grey

The sleek combination of black and shades of grey scream ultimate modern style. This stylish design by B+P architetti showcases a seamless flow of palette from the dining room to the living room. Soft hues of grey blend great with the glossy black finishes of the furniture and lighting fixtures. 

An accent wall

Spice up your dining room a little bit by keeping a clean white palette on all your walls and painting an accent wall with a bolder color. This design features an all white ensemble of a dining room and a contrast of black on one wall. Minimal yet stylish!

Clean wooden features

Wooden elements are just amazing on its own. This design not only features wood on its walls, dining table, and floors, but even intended to build a wooden bench for the dining area. The clean, furnished edges of the light oak wood creates a simple and beautiful vibe in the room. 

Strong wooden touches

As soft as the previous design could get, this dining room design is slightly different. Offering thick panels of wooden beams on the ceiling and dark mahogany floors, this dining area showcases a strong set of wooden elements all blended perfectly. The bold dashes of black on the chairs and stairs also compliment the overall strong look. 

A country-inspired dining room

Nestled in a little cottage-like house, this dining room designed by Fabio Carria exudes a rustic, farmhouse setting in the Philippine environment. Very cozy and homey, this dining room takes us back to childhood memories where life was pretty easy and just cozy. The textured stone walls just graces the room with dimension and beauty!

A sophisticated look

If you want to opt for quite a luxurious type of dining room setting, take a cue from this sleek and stylish design. Obviously, this dining room just screams perfection. From its actual dining set made mainly of glass and steel to its classic rug and fresh pendant lighting fixtures, this dining room is perfect for the sophisticated homeowners. 

Industrial pieces

If you want to go a little more creative with more style genres, go for industrial touches. This dining room design features a dining set in slim steel elements coated in black, sleek lighting fixtures, and a creative side shelf made of wood in geometrical patterns. Very industrial-inspired and strikingly out of the box!

Have fun with shapes

It's all a matter of blending the contrast of colors, patterns, and shapes in any room. This specific dining room design features a classic rectangular dining table, but the fun begins with the other components of the room. Lighting fixtures and the rug showcases a round shape which is the total opposite of the traditional squares and rectangles. 

Purity of white

Relaxing and peaceful, white just instantly leaves your soul and mind in a sense of tranquility. This dining room design is just a breath of fresh air to the house! While an all white palette can sound monotonous and plainly boring, this design will have you thinking twice. There's surely nothing wrong with the purity of plain white hues the flourish your room!

Wide and spacious areas

Your dining room doesn't have to eat up all the space in your house. This simple design features a small dining area centered in a wide and open-spaced area of the house. 

Small yet intimate

Small spaces can be hard to pull off when it comes to furnishing and decorating. Take a good tip from this design -- the dining room and kitchen area are all in one intact space and it doesn't seem small at all! A smart trick for homeowners that live with a few fellow dwellers is purchasing a round table since it eats less space of the room compared to a rectangular one. 

If you need more ideas on deciding what dining tables best suit your dining room, click here!

Rustic and country

Fabio Carria once again boasts his expertise in country living spaces that offer the cozy warmth of natural materials. Pictured above, this dining room design offers clay bricks on the ceilings and intricately detailed wooden chairs and wall shelves that create a lovely ambience to the room. 

Smart design layouts

More and more architects and designers are paving their way to convenient and smart layout trends of houses. This unusual yet stylish design features two stories of living spaces separated by a single wooden ladder, where the bedroom is located above and the dining room is situated below. 

Modern with a touch wooden elements

While this sleek design features a lot of modern elements including the kitchen backsplash, the countertops, and the overall palette, wood just can't seem to get out of the picture! The wooden features such as the floors, kitchen island, and dining set create a playful blend of modern and country in the dining room. 

A French design

Get creative with more styles like this French-styled dining room. Simple and posh, this design offers French elements such as the dining table and dining chairs. Plus, the accent wall is just lavishly beautiful.

Personalize your dining room

While classy wall decor and rustic vintage items can be great decor options, why not try to personalize your dining room your way? Hang pictures of your family members to keep them reminded of your strong family bond. Creative and special!

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