The rehabilitation of a rural stone house

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arquitectura SEN MÁIS Eclectic style corridor, hallway & stairs
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Today we would love to take you to Tourón, in the province of Lugo, to discover a traditional construction of the rural environment: a stone house. The building was in a deteriorated state of preservation when the architectural studio Sen Mais carried out a careful rehabilitation that had an objective to revitalize the old construction, modernizing it but without losing the characteristic feel of this type of housing. 

The result of this reformation is a modern and bright country house, with the charm of yesterday and the functionality of today. A jewel surrounded by nature that we discover in depth here.

A solid construction

Solid because, despite the long years and abandonment it has remained standing, but mainly because the appearance of the house, before the beginning of the reform carried out by Sen Mais, gave the appearance of a rock: compact, firm, with a facade that barely has space for the windows and the windows that there are, are very narrow and small. A stone fortress that isolates the interior from the humid and cold climate of the area.

This conception of strength will change after the rehabilitation, which will open the building to the surrounding nature, in such a way that the reformed building maintains its old appearance, where the stone will remain the protagonist, but will have a whole new appearance thanks to the large windows. Here is everything you need to know about large windows.

The new face of the old house

After the renovation, the old house presents this renewed aspect: a façade that, in addition to stone, is partially plastered with white on the upper floor and the two huge windows that cover part of the wall, attract our attention. The stone of the sides has been cleaned and rehabilitated so that it looks like new, without losing the essence of what the house was before. 

A cool porch

One of the gems of this house after rehabilitation is the charming open porch that we discovered in one of the facades. Framed by using wooden beams and protected from inclement weather by a sloping roof, this rustic porch is a perfect setting for leisure amidst natural green environment. If you love to spend time in the open, here are some pretty patio and deck ideas for your home.

Renovation on the inside

The rehabilitation project had taken great care to maintain the rural and old feel of the place, in the interior it has been created almost from scratch, revealing a first diaphanous, luminous and very modern plan. On this first floor we find the kitchen and an open living room. The entire floor has been kept free from partitions, with the exception of the kitchen, which although opens to the living room maintains its independence. In addition, there is a modern fireplace installed in the center of the room that supports the healthy and auspicious practice of building the house around the heat of the fire. Here are 10 fabulous fireplaces to warm up your home.

The kitchen

A modern kitchen hides behind the stone walls of this house on a simple, elegant and minimalist line. A small counter has been created here, with red bar stools to give the kitchen a dynamic and bright feel. Though this is a modern kitchen, you could even go for country style kitchen, here are a few country kitchen designs to inspire you.

The upper floor

The stairs that lead to the upper floor are a light and contemporary design, where the riser is open and the railing is made of glass. The wood of each rung leads us, however, to a second floor with more rural reminiscences than those we found below. Here the stone walls and the wooden beams in the ceilings have been maintained, to preserve the rustic country feel of this house. Love the rustic style? See another rustic home that roars with style.

When we climb the stairs we find a distributor corridor that leads to the three bedrooms and the bathroom, and on the other side, and as we see in the picture, the hallway opens onto a spacious and light-filled space that hugs the rooms. How did you like this thoughtful preservation and rehabilitation of this rural rock house.

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