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7 beautiful wooden houses with a modern touch

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Loved by all homeowners, wooden houses just don't seem to lose its country charm and timeless beauty. In fact, aspiring architects all over the country offer us a smart blend of wooden warmth and up-to-date and trendy features that make wooden houses stand out from the rest. 

If you're one of those aficionados that can't get enough of wooden structured living spaces, then you definitely have to stick around and read this ideabook about awesome modern wooden house designs!

1. Sleek, dark sidings

Built flawlessly with light timber, this wooden house exudes clean veneer wood accented by a contrast of color. Wooden sidings painted in black create a seamless blend with the light wooden walls. The contrast of dark accents is also featured in this sloped roof. Moreover, this house design by Hudson Garden Rooms is surprisingly easy to built. With conventional materials being used, you can surely recreate this sleek modern house in no time. 

2. Black and white

Fifth Avenue Modern 2 homify Study/office Wood White

Fifth Avenue Modern 2


A modern approach on wooden living spaces may include a blend with up-to-date materials, sleeker designs, and of course, a striking modern color palette. Pictured above, this little conservatory-like structure uses wood as its main exterior material and splashes a dash of black and white to it. Clean and minimal, this wooden structure also features a touch of French style that adds to its curb appeal. 

3. A trendy log cabin

Log Cabin homify Modern style gardens Wood Wood effect

Log Cabin


A nontraditional log cabin, this appealing wooden bungalow is structured with horizontal oak panels and glass windows in white sidings. Its simplicity and fine details make the house as beautiful as it is. Plus, the eye-catching wooden decor the welcomes the house and adds a little spice to the property. With pretty potted plants that flourish the area, this trendy log cabin is a stand out from the greenery!

4. A stylish wooden conservatory

exterior 3rdspace Study/office



Continue the flow of modern country charm all throughout your residence, and yes, that doesn't exclude your back patio. A beautiful addition to your home is a greenhouse, sunroom, or simply a conservatory where friends and family can unwind and relax. Keep it close to home with a wooden structure and paint it with a bold color for that modern contrast. Plus, crisp glass sliding doors will scream modern all over!

5. Pretty and homey

This pretty and petite bungalow boasts country living at its best. Offering a charming wooden exterior painted in cream, a sweet yet rustic feel is brought within the home. Traditional details, such as the door and windows, show that simplicity is truly beauty. 

6. A classic facade

Again, we notice a feature of the French style in this front house design. Classic and timeless, the use of wood here is remarkably perfect. From the wooden deck to the wooden door sidings and walls, this pleasantly looking facade is truly a gem. 

7. A picture-perfect home

http://www.gardenaffairs.co.uk/our-ranges/log-cabins/ homify Country style garden



A little bit of modern, a little bit of country, this cozy wooden home has all the perfect elements needed to achieve that contemporary farmhouse approach. An awesome tip is building the house with sturdy wood and painted it with brick red for that rustic charm. Add pop of clean white accents for a stunning finish. Also hard not to notice, this calming front water garden just makes you want to lounge in the bench all day!

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