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20 stylish wooden houses you'll love

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Let's face it -- we just can't get enough of wooden houses! Decades have passed and still, the feature of wood in our modern houses is getting more and more popular. An all-time favorite of home dwellers, wooden houses are continuing to grow fusions with our style genres. Talented Filipino architects live on to the hype of wooden houses and keep on brainstorming new innovations and designs. 

Today at Homify, we bring you 20 stunning wooden house designs that will surely make you say Wow! Who would ever thought wood could be so versatile? Be amazed with the home models of this ideabook and don't forget to pick your favorite!

1. A classic country house

Classic and traditional, this wooden house in the province brings back childhood memories of your old, wooden cottage. With its perfectly gable roof and clean wooden panels, this design boasts pure modesty of materials used. Windows sidings used here are of a lighter color which brings a slight contrast to the exteriors. Plus, the wooden terrace is an added asset to the property. 

2. A family home in the woods

Quite similar to the previous design, this wooden house features window and door sidings that perfectly contrast to the darker color of the exterior walls. A noticeable feature here is the blend of two different colors of the two stories -- strikingly beautiful!

3. A unique touch of the chimney

Indeed, one eye-catching element here is this showstopping chimney. The touch of pure, bold white just pops out from the rest of the browns in the house. 

4. The essence of wooden stairs

In mountainous areas of the country, most houses are designed to be built with front-door stairs for the accessibility of the house itself. In this design, a set of stairs made out of timber is beautifully attached by the stone-built walls and the stair handlings continue to flourish in the front terrace -- stunning and accessible! 

5. A beautiful back patio

The wooden house itself is a beauty, but why not continue the aesthetics throughout the backyard? This property features a spacious patio with abundant greenery and a swimming pool.

6. Above and beyond aesthetics

This house property is completely above and beyond -- literally and figuratively. Located high above ground level, this small wooden house boasts the construction of its structures and the sturdiness of the materials. 

7. Clean, white painted wood

What a refreshing sight to see! Worn out of the traditional dark wood exteriors? Stay on the softer side by adding a light coat of paint in flat white, dirty white, or even cream. It even helps cool down your interiors as the harsh heat of the sun contrasts on the light colored exteriors --- pretty and beneficial indeed!

8. ..or black painted wood

Choosing colors depend on an individuals personality. If your fond of bold, dark colors, opt for painting your wooden exteriors with black paint as black goes well with anything. 

9. Beauty found in lengthy measures

It's hard not to notice the beautiful plains of the terraces here, but it's also impossible to appreciate the beauty of this modern wooden house. Take lengths in designing your home by keeping it flat and elongated. Slightly nontraditional, but with everything modern now, this is a design you definitely have to try. 

10. A vacation home in the province

Nestled in an elevated part of the mountain area, this striking wooden house is just a dream come true for any homeowner. With all the stress you get from the urban city, living in this cozy home in its amazing location is a dream we all want to turn into reality. Match your dark mahogany exteriors with warm and inviting furniture to recreate that ideal vacation home. 

We're halfway there but in case you need more inspiration, check out these 6 reasons on why to choose a wooden house

11. A Japanese inspired log cabin

Bring out the Zen in your home with the Japanese-themed wooden house. Small and simple, this log cabin features perfect wood panels that blend well with the glass doors and windows. Plus, the front patio adds to the aesthetic appeal of the home. 

12. Resort-like villas

Here we go again with beautiful green surroundings -- just stunning! Feel the most out of this fresh and relaxing environment by building family villas that create intimacy to your homes. 

13. A perfect blend of materials

Wooden houses don't have to be all wood from top to toe. Play a mix of materials by adding stone or brickwork to your wooden house for a more modern and dynamic approach. 

14. Breathtaking use of lines and angles

We see that wow factor in your eyes and we get you. The overall exterior architecture of this wooden house is just impeccable! With clean lines that form into angles, and sleek angles that turn into a beautiful structure, this wooden house is out of this world!

15. An eye-catching exterior

Black painted wooden panels are becoming a thing now, and the innovation doesn't stop from the bold colors. Have neighbors and invited guests take a second glance at your home by mixing up materials and colors! Remember though, make sure it blends well and perfectly contrasts with each other. 

16. Elevated houses

We all love elevated houses, may it be in the mountains or a subdivision in the highlands. It provides the property a chance to incorporate a high set of stairs that give friends and family a grand entrance. Plus, it offers a smart usage of space for building a garage below -- convenience at its best!

17. An L-shaped design

Simple yet beautiful, this L-shaped wooden bungalow provides a continuous flow spaces in its interiors and an amazing swimming pool that takes all the space outside. 

18. A wide and spacious lawn

Nestled in the woods, this traditional wooden house is certainly abundant in space. With an outdoor pool, a relaxing patio, and a wide lawn for recreation, you certainly won't have a day to worry living here. 

19. Minimal and innovative structures

Pleasantly striking, this edgy wooden house has all the parallelograms you need. A minimal yet innovative approach is showcased here, highlighting the shapes and the purity of the wood.

20. A classic two-story wooden house

As modern and up-to-trend houses could get, nothing beats the simplicity and class the traditional wooden house has to offer. This two-story design is the perfect cozy home for your family where you can make special memories and share bonding moments. 

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