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A tropical home you'll certainly wish to have

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Travelling to the tropics is something any individual may wish to experience -- enjoying the gentle touch of the sun, fragrant blooms and pleasant tropical plants, cozy warmth of natural materials, breeze of fresh air, and clear, blue waters of the tropics. Luckily for us Filipinos, we get to delight ourselves in these wonderful tropical features. Though sometimes, we tend to forget what aesthetics we already have and get caught up with the modernization. 

Look back to your roots and rediscover the real beauty of the tropics with this breathtaking tropical-themed home. Be inspired and take a cue from this resort-like property. Fresh and vibrant, you'll definitely want to take a lifetime vacation here! 

Relaxation at its best

The real essence of living in a tropical home is for you to feel as if you were taking a vacation on an island or by the beach -- thus, comfy furniture suitable for relaxation and indoor recreation is a necessity. Furnish your front patio with cozy seating areas that provide your guests and family members the leisure time they deserve after a long day at work and school. Of course, decorate the chairs and tables with the element of wood and a neutral palette for a fresh, clean vibe. 

An exotic tropical paradise

Welcome to an island oasis in the city! With its natural wooden features, beautiful greenery, and clean neutral palette, this tropical home is truly awe-mazing! Given that tropical houses greatly highlight wood and soft colors as its main elements, what's really making this house exotic is its abstract edge that adds a little more spice to property. This tropical paradise somehow exudes a modern approach that creates a great fusion of styles. 

A warm, inviting entrance

Feel like you're walking into the front entrance of a luxurious resort? Close, but this only the entryway to the striking tropical home. The beautifully aligned bamboo poles make a stunning gate and the stone pavement creates an attractive walkway for family and friends visiting your home. 

Perfect exterior materials

Exterior materials suited for your home need to protect you from natural harsh elements of the tropics. Opt for clay or cement roof tiles since they are thermally conducted and long-lasting and consider longer and wider eaves to shield parts of the house from sun and rain. It also helps if you have a steeper pitch -- a steep roof slope allows rainwater to flow down faster, and creates a larger void between roof surface and ceiling. This way, the air circulates, and cools the home.

Also, these crisp glass windows bring the abundance of natural light to the interiors of the home. The thick wooden sidings also help the house's durability. These organic materials create cohesiveness to the home and provides a sense of warmth to the surrounding landscape. 

Tropical plants to freshen up your interiors

A huge set of tropical plants is such a breath of fresh air to your home -- literally. While air conditioning systems and fans help keep your interiors cool, plants can actually play a vital role to natural ventilation. 

In this angle, the walls are built with openness so that these fresh greenery can take the action. Enjoy the fresh open air and let plants help keep your living spaces cool and invigorating. 

Tropical-inspired features

When you thought it couldn't get more tropical, this living area got you all wrong. Warm and inviting, the light and dark wooden features of this living room blend beautifully with the vibrant turquoise accents. The high ceiling also makes the area a lot more airy and spacious. The plain wooden floor also balances well with the other components of the room, letting the furniture and decor do all the work. 

Vibrant, colorful accents

The colorful accents of this tropical houses continue to flourish in this outdoor living area. Perfect touches of turquoise, purple, yellow, and other bright pops of color beautify and give life to the property. These bird figurines and dashing vases are also eye-catching and purely beautiful!

Relaxing water features

Don't forget the element of water! A tropical home is never complete without the highlight of a water feature. This may include garden ponds, a water fountain, or a refreshing outdoor pool like this one above! Forget about your problems and enjoy the crystal blue waters in a tranquil environment of natural features. 

If you love the idea of a tropical-inspired home, the you definitely need to check out these 8 tips on turning your home into a tropical paradise

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