12 home models ideal for senior citizens

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While any home can be a home for retired individuals, finding the right and convenient residence is actually an essential we must all consider for our loved seniors. After all, they do deserve a suitable home for their golden years after their children have moved out. These houses should be designed with ease and comfort in mind, and uniquely suited to the wants and needs of aging baby boomers. 

Today, we have provided you an ideabook featuring designs under 2,000 square feet and one story, making them good choices for aging in place. Large or small, the real selling point of these plans is that they have an expansive one story—which is just what parents of adult children want when they can start to prioritize their own needs again. These single floor houses features first-floor laundry, ample space for family get-togethers, spacious master suites, and a spacious front or back yard for pursuing hobbies fit for their senior years. Let’s go check them out!

1. Plain and pretty

Some of our lovely seniors are not aficionados of the grandeur and exquisite residences but are rather fans of the nice and simple home designs. Though this home model may seem plain and unadorned, the simplicity makes this house a top choice for oldies as it offers less complexity and more of functionality. 

2. A modern log cabin

Cozy and inviting, this home model provides us the exteriors of a modern log cabin in the city. Built with light and dark wood panels, this house will surely bring a comfy, warm ambience to our seniors. Plus, the wooden walls and roof will definitely be a big help in giving the living space a cooler temperature for their comfort. 

3. A wide, spacious lawn

Imagine your little kids running around playing tag or hide-and-seek with their grandpa -- wouldn't that look adorable? A wide, clean, and spacious lawn is a perfect addition to their home where children and grandchildren can make use of the large space. Set up outdoor lounging chairs for an afternoon tea with them or simply leave it the way it is for fun bondings with their grandkids. 

4. Convenient and accessible

Home designs suited for seniors should also feature universal design elements -- working well for disabled individuals as well as those who aren't disabled. This may include multilevel kitchen countertops, bathrooms large enough to be accessible, if needed, and open floor plans. As shown in this picture, The front of the house provides short steps for the stairs along with a ramp at a side. 

5. Perfect for the family reunions

Let's face it -- most of our family gatherings and get-togethers with siblings happen in our parents' house. That's why most houses get renovated for extended rooms and other living areas to cater the rest of the family. This house design is the perfect home model for large families. Not only is it pleasingly beautiful, but its spacious and generous design provides more room for the little kids to go running around!

6. The perfect garden spot

Seniors are way done with the extensive physical activities that youngsters can still do, and they enjoy their leisure time through light hobbies such as fishing, sewing, and of course, gardening. A large garden area is ideal for the recreation and relaxation of our grandmas and grandpas. The fruit of their hardwork will certainly warm their hearts!

7. Convenience of sliding doors and windows

Not common for some Filipino houses, but sliding doors and sliding windows are actually smart house designs suited for our elderly loved ones. With one slide, they can easily and conveniently enjoy the fresh air and warm sunlight of the countryside. One tip though: this open design might be better in the less populated province area as it will be safer and more secured for our seniors to enjoy lounging around. 

8. A dash of bright colors

Bright and bold, a pop of color will surely be a breath of fresh air for our seniors' home. Bring a little life to their humble home by simple painting the exterior walls with a bright pastel color. Yellow, for an instance, will ultimately make them feel cheerful and happy!

9. Classic, timeless beauty

Stick with a classic home design that offers a neutral palette and clean, simple features for the comfort of our sweet seniors. This way, they will always feel at comfort with interiors and exteriors that are not overdone and are pleasing to the eyes. 

10. Energy-saving ideas

With more and more individuals experiencing heat problems at any time of the day, it is alarming that we must make sure our seniors keep cool and free from the harsh heat of the sun. Keep the house well-ventilated and light colored to reduce the hot temperature indoors and add solar panels on the roof to withstand the constant bombardment of ultraviolet rays from the sun. 

11. A Japanese-inspired home

Bring peace and harmony to our seniors' lives by mimicking the idea of a Japanese bungalow. Offering light, simple, and minimal materials, a Japanese-inspired home will absolutely bring a well-honed Zen into our oldies' lifestyles. 

Enjoying Japanese architecture and interior designs? Check out this article about a beautiful Japanese home you can easily recreate in the Philippines!

12. Skylights for your home

Elderly people enjoy the simple things nature has to offer -- the light, crisp breeze of fresh air, the warm touch of natural light, and the cool night sky during evenings. What better way to appreciate all these things other than adding skylights to their home? Skylights can make a big difference on providing your home with daylighting and ventilation that will surely bring comfort and warmth to our seniors. 

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