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10 Beautiful wooden beam ceiling ideas

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Faux wooden beams are an essential component when it comes to decorating an interior. Not only do they give a touch of warmth, they can also help cover flaws on the ceiling.

It is quite hard to find wooden beams in modern houses nowadays as they are considered non-practical nor economical. So why are they still so demanded in the market?

Are you now wondering what you can do with these wooden beams? Before we tell you, you should know that these wooden materials don’t necessarily have to come in old-fashioned and rustic styles. In fact, they can be presented in different colors and shapes—making them a perfect option for interior design. Woods stand among the current decorative trends, and have been used to glamorize particular spaces.

As for the cost, don’t worry about it! Thanks to technological advances and innovations nowadays, it is now possible to achieve certain designs without having to spend large sums of money. For instance, you can opt for polyurethane beams that are also very easy to install. Want to know more? Keep reading!

A mix of styles

In this renovation project, architect Lidera Doméstica has opted for a combination of styles with the aim to achieve a somewhat relaxing and contemporary environment.

Here, the wooden beams preserve their traditional charms while highlighting other aspects of the kitchen such as its modern and minimalist furnitures. The mix of styles have produced a very attractive result.

A touch of blue for the rustic home

Accustomed to the traditional wooden beams, this design presents itself in an indigo blue and white color scheme. It is a very original idea that seeks to bring a different touch to a house of rustic style. 

Complementing the wooden ceiling are ceramics, furnitures made of wood and glass, and a red tiled flooring. Just keep in mind that if you wish to adopt wooden beams onto your ceiling, encourage yourself to be creative and try out different color combinations that will give your house a new and fresh image.

A modern finish

Although wooden materials are often considered as a rustic element, this home is finished with a beautiful modern twist. The beams are very well polished which give the area an informal touch of freshness. As you can see, the result is just as expected.

Wood and glass

Our next proposal seeks, in the same way, a renewed style. Wooden beams are well-loved by many who wish to add a touch of warmth to their houses. Hence, there is always a tendency to incorporate them with other materials to create ultra-modern designs.

Here is another project carried out by Lidera Doméstica, in which she replaced the enclosed roof with glass windows and incorporated them with wooden beams as the main framework. The result is very impressive as it brings a rather modern finish to the old country house.

Wooden beams with an industrial style

Inspired by industrial style, our next proposal by Weber Architects fuses wooden beams with metallic structures as the house’s main protagonists. 

It is quite a risky design as wooden beams are adapted mostly to urban modern designs to add a touch of warmth and coziness. On the other hand, metals are rather cold and dull. It is therefore very interesting to see how the combination of these two structures can create such impressive result.

A classic wine cellar

This example is perfect for those who have acquired the know-hows in enjoying old times. This simple but charismatic wine cellar uses stucco techniques that partially cover the wooden beams to provide a very unique texture to the ceiling and wall. The area is also complemented with a nice wooden table for you and your guests to enjoy a nice glass of wine.

White beams

When it comes to interior design, color coordination plays a very key role. If you are an absolute fan of wooden finishes but have no idea how to incorporate them into your minimalist house, do not worry and give up. You can always choose to paint the wooden beams with other colors, which is actually proven to help extend their longevity too. Do some research on the type of paints that will best suit your house and give it a renewed look!

Exposed beams

At this point, you should realize that wooden beams aren’t limited to only traditional designs. They serve as a decorative element, not only to the roof of your house, but also to your garden or porch. 

This beautiful design by Luiza Soares took a risk by incorporating wooden beams to the porch as a means to hang lights and plants. It certainly created a very cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy the warmth of wood while absorbing a breath of fresh open air.

A youthful interior

This wooden beam design has broken the stereotypes of it being dull and boring. Enclosing ceiling lights within the beams, a very modern and youthful look is created.

Hanging beams

To wrap up this article, we have this hanging wooden beam design if you are looking for some visual effect in your house. Architects ADS1997 took an unconventional way and placed the wooden beams into two layers.

The key here is to be innovative—bet on risky color combinations, styles and structures!

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